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Abbreviation: LOST
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: Erb McKelfresh
Goals: To help to maintain Kempsterbank and to protect the suburb from any Zombie invasion
Recruitment Policy: Contact Erb McKelfresh Cpt Tribbleface or PirateDevilyn
Contact: Forums

After a period of Bounty Hunting for PKers Erb McKelfresh has gathered up friends from his travels and brought them back to his home town of Kempsterbank. They all have different backgrounds, but the =LOST= Boys have one thing in common. They have lost most of their friends and family to the Zombie invasion of Malton and they don't want anybody else to feel more of a loss than they already have.

=LOST= Boys

We are players who look to help make Kempsterbank and the surrounding suburbs a safe place for all those trying to escape the Zombie Threat. After their travels through Malton the members of the =LOST= Boys look to repay the citizens of Kempsterbank for their kindness and hospitality.

Now that the suburb of Kempsterbank seems relatively safe the =LOST= Boys have decided to take their efforts and seek out a place where they are needed. They are looking to move to the suburb of Dartside.


To maintain the suburb of Kempsterbank (or their current home), along with the other suburban groups by following the following priorities. Hopefully all four priorities can be followed at all times, but some may be dropped during a time of crisis.

First Priority To maintain all resource buildings such as Police Stations, Hospitals, Fire Departments, Necrotech Facilities and Mobile Towers and retake all that have fallen to the zombie threat.

Second Priority Keeping the zombie population at a minimum.

Third Priority When major buildings are taken care of bring power to more minor buildings such as schools and clubs.


Just contact any of our members or go on our forums. The forums are checked daily by most members and we would be glad to accept you as a member. If you cannot find any of our members in game you can always contact Erb McKelfresh on his cell phone if you've got one.

Hi, mates. I would like to join. I've played before, I am at a warehouse that says its yours. So I would like yo join?? --Peter Fernie 00:36, 3 May 2009 (BST)


Please feel free to drop us a line via our forums to contact us. Or stop by our base of operations at the former Northern Warehouse of Detulux Inc. You can normally find one of us their. Our Transmitter is always set to 27.55 so you can contact with that as well if needed. If there is ever anything you need, please use one of these methods to get a hold of us. Thanks.


Erb McKelfresh

Cpt Tribbleface


Hi I'm Paul

Vic Mandellav


Xavier Cage


Detulux Inc

Anti-Zombie Squad

Temp or Full Time Zeds

If you plan on becoming a Zombie for any reason please contact us on the forums for the terms of becoming a zombie. We understand that some members either enjoy being a zombie or just want the Zombie skills and we support that.

=LOST= Boys History

March 19, 2009 A few members leave to set up our new home while the rest of us await the oncoming hoard.

March 19, 2009 The =LOST= Boys are glad to say they are now allied with the Anti-Zombie Squad

March 18, 2009 Operation: Our House begins. The members of the =LOST= Boys are preparing for their move to Dartside.

February 28 2009 New forum

February 26 2009 After a long period of inactivity the members of the =LOST= Boys are once again active and gathered in Kempsterbank.

June 27 2008 The =LOST= Boys humbly thank their allies Detulux Inc for allowing us to use their former Northern warehouse as our headquarters. THANKS!

June 26 2008 The =LOST= Boys are glad to have their first allies Detulux Inc

June 24 2008 The =LOST= Boys are Officially Founded

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