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?rise is a common action by zombies in a siege situation. The name refers to the URL link used upon trying to stand up in the game, after dying. Zombies nearing death, or recently killed, will type ?rise into the address bar of their browser, then repeatedly refresh the page. This results in the player standing up shortly after they die, before survivors have chance to dump their dead body. If the page refreshes at the moment of death, the zombie's body has little, if any, chance of being removed from the building. The zombie must then be killed again - preventing survivors from using their ammo and AP on other targets. This technique of 'bullet sponging' and using ?rise is a very effective zombie tactic.

?rise enables zombies to stay in a building for a longer, by spending most of their action points standing up. For each ~30 AP spent by a survivor killing the zombie, the zombie will only spend 1-15 AP (depending on if the zombie has the Ankle Grab skill and if the survivors has the Headshot skill) standing up.


To be a viable tactic for sapping survivor AP, a few things have to be taken into consideration. Probably the most important is how much it is going to take to stand back up. The pay off for zombies without ankle grab is negligible at best. A better tactic for low level zombies is to stay down, and use AP to gain experience either through barricade bashing or combat.

?rise tactics are most useful in large sieges, where numerous zombies break into buildings being actively defended. One of the advantages zombies have in long sieges is that they don't have to resupply their weapons. The more bullets each zombie can force survivors to use ejecting them after break ins, the more AP survivors have to use searching for supplies. The actual breaking down of the barricades is probably the largest AP cost to zombies besieging a building, but once inside, the successful use of ?rise increases the AP spent by survivors to clear the building, without adding to the cost of breaking in again.

It is also a viable tactic for ferals in low survivor population areas. Having to barricade and kill a zombie multiple times to get them out of the safehouse with only a couple of inhabitants can easily mean that all available ammunition or AP is used up, meaning that the survivors must retreat or hope for outside help.


The URL link, ?dump is the URL that dumps dead bodies out of a building. Survivors can effectively counter a zombie using ?rise by using the URL Link in the same way that a zombie would use ?rise. Using ?Dump is especially effective in siege situations when there is likely to be more than one survivor active. The more survivors entering the ?dump command the higher the chance that the zombie will not be able to successfully ?rise. Survivors and zombies have reported that ?dump is extremely effective.

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