(NYBRD) The New York and Boston Rebel Defence

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Our Motto

If you have two fuckin fists, you got enouph fuckin ammo!!!!

Our Duty

Kill Zombies

The NYBRD is a new group that is dedicated to helpin the fight against the hordes of fuckin zombies. If you have two fuckin fists you got enouph fuckin ammo.

NYBRD History

Originally, like we all should know, New Yorkers and Bostonians have never gotten along very well. Once the virus broke out, two rebel gangs started in New York and in Boston. After countless battles, they finally decided to call a truce. They joined forces and formed the New York and Boston Rebel Defence. Once the word got out about the fighting in Malton, the NYBRD decided to come help.

New Rebel Recuitment

To join our rebel forces, it doesn't take much. To join visit our forum: http://nybrd.lefora.com/forum/

  1. Be active in our forum
  2. No killing other members or other innocent people(not even when drunk)
  3. There is no certain level required
  4. Be ready to fuckin fight

Our Needs

  1. We need fuckin fists to kill those fuckin ginny zombies
  2. Doctors are needed for our wounded or for those needing to be healed outside of our forces.
  3. MEMBERS!!!!!!

Active Rebel Members

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