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'0-Hope OR Zrr Hah'
Zombanner sml.jpg
Abbreviation: 0H
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Necrum
Goals: Conquer New Arkham..
it's just the beginning!
Recruitment Policy: Zambah from everywhere.
Contact: 0 Hope Forum.

Are you tired of these annoying harmans shooting at you?
Are you tired of being dumped out into the street?
Are you looking for fresh and easy blood-dabbling yummy harmans?

You got a ROTTEN brain?


Our ambitions are high and we NEVER STOP!
With a good cooperation we can let our brains act like a big single mass of teeths and rotting flesh..


To join, follow these simple steps:

Post on the Forum: - Character Name - Level - Position [Suburb name and building name]

Each member have to meet the founder in-game before joining the group, just send him a request by PM or post in the Forum.

Recruitment STARTED by Necrum 08:09, 30 May 2009 (BST)

Groups Collaboration

The clan aim was not ruling the world alone..
Any group interested in joining the zambah cause can become a part of this group.

All the group data and rules remains intact, but objectives and main decisions are made together with 0-Hope group leaders and all affiliated clans.

In case your clan joins 0-Hope, the clan name will be changed to a generic name so all joining clans are listed under it.


Our main objective was keeping ransacked all hospitals and necrotech buildings in New Arkham,
no matter how long it takes..
The most important thing was that we MUST NOT leave these buildings un-occupied!

Recruiting faithful zambah in our lines was the key of success..


Our cooperation and friendship links our brains together,
giving us an additional help in coordinating attacks and such.

Here's some screenshots of the tool i'm developing:

Malton View

Udc suburbs.jpg

It's the raw Malton map, the yellow suburbs are mapped and ready to navigate.

Suburb View

Udc suburb.jpg

Here's the selected suburb map,
Coloured corners indicates recorded events that may occur..
The corner color and blinking-speed indicates how near was the time to start the attack!

Events View

Udc events.jpg

Just some events, you can join or leave an event.
(Only administrators can add or delete events)

So.. keep an eye open! (better if not the rotten one..)


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