101st Assualt Squad

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101st Assault Squad

AKA The Big Bang

CO of the 101st is Sgt MacDonald

So you think you got what it takes to be part of the Big Bang? Well you need to do a couple of things before you can go blasting into ruined buildings. You need to go through the Black Delta Boot Camp to be eligble for the 101st.

Objective of the squad-

We have a very simple objective in the 101st: Keep are suburbs clear of mass hordes of the enemy we call zombies. But also you're expected to behave in a manner that is morally correct. You must never attack an innocent survivor for any reason. If you do not agree with this I suggest you turn aground and leave Mockridge right now, because we don’t just talk the talk we can and will shoot your ass right out the door.

Duties of the 101st-

Re take any and all ruined or invaded buildings of the zombie terror or any other threats to the survivors of Mockridge Heights. You will be expected to be able to take down any and all tangos.


Every member should at least have basic fire arms training, and free running.

Equipment In Game-

4 Pistols loaded 16% Encumbrance, 10 Pistol Clips 20% Encumbrance, 2 Shotguns 10% Encumbrance, 10 Shotgun Shells 20% Encumbrance, 3 First Aid Kits/FAK’s 6% Encumbrance, 3 Handheld Radios 12% Encumbrance. 1 Flak Jacket 2% Encumbrance. 86% Encumbrance total any other equipment is not mandatory.

This is a basic lay out it is strongly recommend you have this things if you have a different layout of equipment send it to the CO at djegotrain8909@aol.com I will look over it, I will make a decision on a case by case situation what we are not looking for is some one who wants to go in with a knife or axe and act like Rambo face it that dosnt work in this game. This is not a lone wolf squad you will get no where in are ranks by taking a building by your self this is a squad, a team we work to gather there is no I in team and the first smart ass that says “there is a me” will find him self with a 12 foot combat boot up his ass.

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