15th Black Crusade

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15th Black Crusade
Abbreviation: 15BC
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Unknown
Goals: Destruction of the Imperium, conquest of Malton using Diplomacy
Recruitment Policy: Contact us on our forums
Contact: [1]

Long have the prayer gangs and Daemonkin sung of this day. Alpharius and Khonewarrior, Chosen of Chaos, have unleashed a Black Crusade to shake Malton to its foundations. The time of absolution is at hand, when the false rulers will be overthrown, and the Gods of Chaos will be once again worshiped in the very cradle of death's birth.

Rich rewards await those brave and strong enough to dedicate themselves to the ruinous powers - wealth, power, and the blessings of the very Gods themselves. Utter destruction awaits those who resist the inevitable victory of Chaos.

Rejoice in the slaughter of Malton's slaves! Free them of their idiot idolatry of their slave masters!


The Chaos Marine Legions were nine of the twenty original "First Founding" Legions of Space Marines who fought in the Great Crusade for the Imperium of Man. At this time Horus, Warmaster of the Imperial forces and Primarch of the Luna Wolves Legion (which was renamed the Sons of Horus in his honour), was corrupted by Chaos and instigated the galaxy-wide civil war known as the Horus Heresy.

After the death of Horus and the end of the Heresy, the remnants of the nine Legions along with the other Imperial forces that had joined Horus escaped into an area of the galaxy known as the Eye of Terror. Due to the nature of Chaos, and the temporal instability of the Warp, the very Chaos Marines who revolted against the Emperor continue to fight against the Imperium.

The Legions have kept their old names, with the exception of the Sons of Horus who were renamed the Black Legion by their new leader, Abaddon the Despoiler. Besides Horus, two other Chaos Primarchs were killed during or shortly after the Heresy (those of the Alpha Legion and Night Lords). The six surviving Primarchs have since become Daemon Princes. These daemonic Primarchs rarely take part in the affairs of their Legions. Some of the Legions have pledged a particular loyalty to one of the four Great Chaos powers. The closest thing to a leader that has appeared among them is Abaddon the Despoiler. Abaddon is the only Chaos Marine since Horus to be able to command the loyalty of all nine Traitor Legions, and has led thirteen Black Crusades against the Imperium of Man.

After being lost in the Warp, some of these worshippers of the Dark Powers arrived in the doomed city of Malton. Upon seeing that it had been infected with a plague of Nurgle, and that forces of the Imperium were present on the planet, the lost Crusaders set about spreading the cult of the Archenemy.

The 14th Black Crusade started sometime in 2005 as a warhammer rp group. Its goal was to oppose The Imperium, kill it's members, and eventually take over their precious Saint Matthew's Cathedral. After a lengthy battle in Gibsonton, the Crusade started to fall apart. Some members quit, while some just bacame in-active. Some time later a member of the Crusade, Lord Alpharius returned to Gibsonton. His goal: To reunite the scattered Crusaders, convert the inhabitants of Hive Malton to Chaos, cast down the Imperials and their corpse-god, and claim what rightfully belongs to the dark gods. And so the 15th Black Crusade has begun.

From the abyss, we have gazed upon the bright light of a city ruled by the lickspittles of the the old groups – a city where our whims are denied by the laws of those too weak to appreciate the grandeur of our vision. How long now has the pain of that denial been a knife twisting in our souls? How long has our hatred festered within us and demanded release? Be denied no longer. Obey the voices that come from the darkest core of your being and grant them license. There is no order. Do what thou wilt and let Malton burn!

Chaos and the Warp

Warp is described as a realm of thought, where desires and emotions can take physical form, and with currents and eddies that make traveling vast interstellar distances difficult, yet possible. As this is a realm of thought, a coalescence yields an often sinister warp entity. The strongest of these entities are the Chaos Gods, Khorne (a god of rage, bloodshed, and war), Nurgle (a god of despair, decay and pestilent disease), Tzeentch (a god of change, deception, scheming, Sorcery, and oddly enough hope) and Slaanesh (a god of pleasure, pain, depravity, pride and decadence).

The Gods of Chaos are the result of the strongest impulses in the living souls of the universe's inhabitants. Their cults have a dynamic and antagonistic relationship. Khorne opposes Slaanesh, while Nurgle opposes Tzeentch. Nurgle is the personification of stagnation, Tzeentch personifies continuing change, Khorne personifies duty and rage, and Slaanesh personifies the epicurean or the sensual. These four powers are not the only entities in the Warp, but they are the greatest and most powerful. It is said, in the background to Warhammer 40,000, that the nature of the Warp is beyond human comprehension and is truly unknowable.

Combat Doctrine

The Crusade specializes in guerrilla tactics. We never stay in one place for very long. To stay in one place is to invite death. We are technically involved in a private war with the Imperium, although we will not hesitate to attack their allies, or anyone who screws with us in any way. We will happily make alliances with any group who shares our goals. We are not against alliances with zombies.


The Crusade will except anyone who is willing to fight and kill in the name of chaos, but combat experience and at least moderate levels are encouraged. We also except zombies. To become a Black Crusader, register at our forum's recruitment thread.

Area of Operations

The Black Crusade is currently operating in Gibsonton and it's surrounding suburbs. The Crusade is highly mobile, however, and could expect to fight anywhere. The Crusades combat policy frowns upon taking a permanent HQ.


The Crusade considers anyone who is in a group affiliated with the Pker Alliance an ally.


- The Imperium and its allies. - Boot Camp - The Department of Emergency Management, Police Departments, and any other group that would push its rules on others.


Operation: The Long War

The Black Crusade is at all time in opposition of the Imperium. This mission will not be considered complete until the Imperum has been wiped of the face of Malton.

Operation: Convert and Conquer

The Black Crusade is currently trying to recruit a military force capable of mounting a threat in Gibsonton.

Operation: Gibsonton Undivided

The Black Cruaade is trying to destabilise the situation in Gibsonton with the destruction of resource buildings and revive points.

Operation: Chaos Commission

An Independent and elite warband of the 15th Black Crusade is currently operating in the SE sector of Gibsonton with an unknown (to most members) goal.

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