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1st Special Forces Group are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:56, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

1st Special Forces Group
Abbreviation: 1stSFG
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Captain Gallery
Goals: Classified
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Forum

Who We Are

The United States Army Special ForcesSpecial Forces or SF — is an elite Special Operations Force of the United States Army trained for unconventional warfare and special operations. The SF was founded in 1952 by Colonel Aaron Bank, and its members are popularly known as the "Green Berets", because of the unit's distinctive green beret headgear. Their official motto is De Oppresso Liber (Latin: "To free from oppression"), a reference to one of their primary missions to train and assist foreign indigenous forces.citation

Special Forces units are tasked with seven specific missions: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, combatting terrorism, counter-proliferation, and information operations. Other duties include coalition warfare and support, combat search and rescue (CSAR), security assistance, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian de-mining and counter-drug operations.citation

Operation Tombstone

Receiving orders directly from JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), Captain Augustus Gallery and Captain Micheal Thomas left Fort Lewis, Washington with two Operational Detachments Alpha, (ODAs) or "A-teams" of special forces operators bound for Malton City in the United Kingdom. There mission was deemed classified, their intent to investigate leaked information to the international community that an outbreak of a deadly virus had caused corpse reanimation. Captain Gallery and his men parachuted into Malton City a 0400 hours on Sunday, the 24th of June 2007. Communications remained steady throughout the beginning of the mission. Gallery's A Team proceeded to the first of five pre-designated AO's (areas of operation) to reconnoiter and assess the situation. At approximately 0700, the second A Team (commanded by Captain Thomas) fell out of radio contact and has yet to be heard from again. The last reported communication from Captain Gallery to JSOC was at 0900 hours on Sunday morning. It has been assumed the reports of reanimated corpses roaming the streets of Malton City are indeed true (based upon early confirmation from ODA 1 and ODA 2), and it is further assumed that both ODA's have become compromised. JSOC has begun preparations for a search and rescue effort to attempt to locate and extract ODA 1 and ODA 2 from the city.


U.S. Army Special Forces is divided into five Active Duty Special Forces Groups. Each Active Duty SFG has a specific regional focus. The Special Forces soldiers assigned to these groups receive intensive language and cultural training for countries within their regional area of responsibility.

Insignia Group
1sfg.gif 1st Special Forces Group - 1st Battalion stationed in Okinawa, the 2nd and 3rd Battalions headquartered at Fort Lewis, Washington. 1st SFG has responsibility for the Pacific. Even if they are not part of PACOM, they can be asked to work with elements from that command.

Special Forces MOS Descriptions

  • 18A - SF Officer
  • 180A - SF Warrant Officer
  • 18B - SF Weapons Sergeant
  • 18C - SF Engineer Sergeant
  • 18D - SF Medical Sergeant
  • 18E - SF Communications Sergeant
  • 18F - SF Assistant Operations & Intelligence Sergeant
  • 18X - SF Candidate (Enlistment Option)
  • 18Z - SF Operations Sergeant

Note: Candidates for SF school may enlist directly into the 18X MOS, and upon successful completion of Basic Training, Infantry AIT (or alternatively, Infantry OSUT as a combination of both Basic and AIT), Airborne School, and Special Forces Assessment and Selection, will be enrolled into the Special Forces Qualification Course and be awarded one of the other SF MOS. It should be noted that until a "true" SF MOS has been granted, the 18X candidate is for all intents and purposes considered to hold MOS 11B (Infantryman).

SF A-team composition

A Special Forces company consists generally of six Operational Detachments Alpha, (ODAs) or "A-teams", though this number can vary from company to company. These may be specialized in some way: a prime example is 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group, which maintains a "Counter-Narcotics Operational Detachment Alpha", or "CNODA" in their detachment at Camp Blanding, Florida.

An ODA typically consists of 12 men, each of whom has a specific function on the team. The ODA is led by an 18A, usually a Captain, and a 180A who is his second in command, usually a Warrant Officer One or Chief Warrant Officer Two. The team also contains the following enlisted men: one 18Z, usually a Master Sergeant, one 18F, usually a Sergeant First Class, and two each of the B's, C's, D's, and E's. The B's, C's, D's and E's work in senior/junior roles with the seniors, ideally having the rank of Sergeant First Class, and the juniors having the rank of Staff Sergeant or Sergeant.

In a regular force troop, this level would be compared to a squad, patrol or section (even if the commander is a Captain (O-3) and not a Staff Sergeant (E-6)).

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