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The 22nd Regiment
Sas badge.gif
Abbreviation: SAS
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Smith (Smiffi)
Goals: Survive in Malton
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: [1]

The 22nd Regiment

About The 22nd Regiment

The 22nd Regiment, otherwise known as The Special Air Service (Or SAS) is an Elite Special Forces branch in the British Military.

I won't bore you with the history of the SAS but basically they've shaped the world's versions of Special Forces.

And in honour (And RPing fashion) a group has been made.


We will be acting as a survivor group, helping out civilians in Malton who need our help and trying to stop the zombie threat.

We are not against PKing but we do not approve of it. If someone attacks us or kills a member, we will get revenge, but nothing more.

We are open to alliances and recruitment. We will be looking for potential officers in the field, and those who are elite in this game.

No minimum or maximum level. You will be trained here, and when you think you are ready you will go through a test to see if you are actually ready to join.

For more information on Roles, Ranks and Squads in the 22nd Regiment, check the appropriate thread for information.

We aren't taking the game too seriously, and we are always up for a laugh.

Gameplay of the SAS in COD4


Each member will have their own speciality they will pursue in the SAS, and each member must pick the role they think suits them best.

Machine Gunner

Machine-Gunner This role involves carrying a lot of ammo and not much else. They can use either Pistols or Shotguns (It is their choice) but Pistols are generally more combat effective. Skills : Basic Firearms Training; Pistol Training + Advanced Pistol Training/Shotgun Training + Advanced Shotgun Training; and Free Running

CGB Specialist

CQB Specialist This role involves mainly using Melee weapons. They will also double up as being a squad scout, going ahead of the team and finding a suitable safehouse. Skills : Hand-to-Hand Combat + Knife Combat/Axe Proficiency; Body Building; and Free Running


Medic This role involves carrying mainly FAKs and Syringes. They will be mainly looking after squad members and the public. Weapons are down to the member. Skills : NecroTech Employment + Lab Experience; First Aid; Diagnosis; and Free Running


Engineer This role involves carrying a toolbox, and providing Generators and Fuel Cans for Safehouses and TRPs in the operations that the SAS go on. Weapons are down to the member, but Melee is preferable, as there will be little room for ammo. Skills : Construction; Shopping + Bargain Hunting; and Free Running.


Scouts Scouts will all be in a seperate squad, and will be the 22nd Regiments Elite. They have their own choice of inventory, and their role will be scouting out suburbs suitable of the SAS's operations. To be a Scout you must have all the human skills + Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab, also you must have served within any fire team for at least two months. (This involves starting as a different role within the SAS)

Each player will start as a trainee, and work towards their chosen role, whether it means getting the skills or practising within the Trainee Unit. They need to be with the Trainee Unit for a week minimum.

Once they feel they are ready, they will undergo an in-game test, which will be told to them over a PM. The result of their test and how they have performed within the Trainee Unit will determine whether they are ready to join a fire-team. If they are they will be assigned to a team and join active duty.


The ranks are as follows (Descending in order from lowest to highest):


Private Private

Corporal Corporal

Sergeant Sergeant

Lieutenant Lieutenant

Captain Captain

Colonel Colonel

Upon graduation from the Trainee Unit, every player will become a Private. From there a member will recieve promotion depending on their capability and courage within the field, and also their ability to follow orders, and keep in good communication with the rest of the 22nd Regiment.


Lieutenants will be in command of a Fire Team.

Captains will be part of any team they choose, and will fight with them and lead them in any way they see fit.

The Colonel (CO) Will lead the group.


We are currently open for recruitment, please apply on our forums (Use the link in the Group Box)

--Smith606 16:44, 26 May 2008 (BST)

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