35th Reconnaissance Group

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35th Reconnaissance Group
MOTTO: Swift, Silent, Deadly
Abbreviation: 35th Recon
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Unknown
Goals: Scout out and Kill targets
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who wants to help take fort perryn

The 35th Recon

The 35th Reconnaissance Group is an elite U.S. special forces unit. Our identity is unknown. We operate in secret missions and operations. We have have scouts in each suburb that spot out targets for us. We operate in group of about 8-9, with each unit having at least one scout with them. Our scout provide us with recon intelligence, giving us the tactical advantage.


Any survivor can join, no matter what level you are. Just apply at our forums and someone will assist you.


Icepick: Leading team/tactical response unit/recon and scout unit/field operations unit

Killshot: Leading scout unit/second-in-command/primary offense/Lead Defense unit

Hitman: Rapid response/field support and command/suppresing team

Creeper: Recon unit/primary offense unit

Reaper: Search and attack/main Revive group/Storm building

Barrage: Leading Attack unit/Search and destroy unit/Leading AntiPKer unit

Viper: Striker unit

Base of Operations

There are units stationed in each suburb, so it's up to them where they will set their hq. Our main HQ building will be the Fort Perryn Armoury.


1. Win back Fort Perryn

We need to drive the zeds out of fort perryn so we can make it our main HQ building. Troops stationed near the fort will have to try and take it back, but first there will have to be an S.R.S.(scout recon squad) to infiltrate the base and give us info on the status

2. Hold the fort

There will be zeds trying hard to take the fort back so we will have to hold the base for as long as we can

3. Secure Pennville

We need to secure the suburb, Pennville, and establish ground control around the fort and guard building in certain types of locations in the suburb

4. Kill zeds

Nuetralize hostle within the area and establish perimeters around critical buildings and locations

History & Info

Created 3 months after the zombie outbreak started. Originally designed for scouting, recon, and assassination, the 35th Recon Group takes control of all zombie controlled buildings. We attack without mercy and we kill who ever tries to attack one of us. We were dropped in to take control of the suburbs and attack all targets without hesitation.


Creedy Defense Force


Alliance 45


Red Rum

Militant Order of Barhah


Put your messages here. You can also contact us in-game or give your profile code.(ex.http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=000000)

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