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37 Zombie Plans
Abbreviation: 37ZP
Group Numbers: Two verified.
Leadership: Alexander Maguire, crunchymilk
Goals: To survive in the city of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: A request to join and some miniscule level of creativity (or insanity). <--Code for "open to all who ask".
Contact: Texting or otherwise contacting Alexander Maguire or crunchymilk in-game (for the time being)

37 Zombie Plans is a group solely dedicated to the survival of its members above all else, and accepts the membership of those whom are usually survivors. 37ZP is glad to assist members of other pro-survivor groups requesting aid.

The Creed

  • To survive using one just about any plan feasible for survival is our main goal; the crazier the better.
  • To stay in contact with the leaders of 37 Zombie Plans in some way, shape, or form, however sporadic communiqués may be.
  • To leave as many survivors alive as possible while not dying oneself is even better.
  • Killing as many survivors (except those trying to kill you) as possible is right out.
  • To obey all of the above rules is to be a member of 37 Zombie Plans.

What That Means

  • Try to survive as well as possible using the occasional insane plan which probably won't work given the circumstances.
  • Try to stay in contact
  • Try to preserve the lives of as many survivors as possible, although if a situation is hopeless self-preservation takes prominence over all.
  • Don't attempt the killing of other survivors, excluding proven player killers, unless said player-killer is not a member of 37ZP. Such a crime is punishable by official removal from 37ZP. (Although we can't affect your group listing.)
  • To obey all of the above rules is to be a member of 37 Zombie Plans.

Recommendations for 37ZP Members or Prospective Joiners

  • Do make sure our Creed fits your play style.
  • Do have fun.
  • Do not run around killing survivors.
  • Do carry at least one radio.
  • Do have said radio tuned to 28.46 MHz.
  • If no radio is available, do carry a mobile phone.
  • To attain membership, do contact Alexander Maguire or crunchymilk and ask to join.

Member List

The one- or two-digit number next to a name signifies rank, and after that is profile number. For more details, see #Ranking System.

  • Alexander Maguire; 12; 1228526
  • crunchymilk; 12; 1209711

On the Subject of Communication

As a member of 37 Zombie Plans, members are expected to have some method of communication handy. While the most accessible of these may be the use of a mobile phone, a radio is more efficient for group-wide transmissions. For the time being, 37ZP has settled on the transmission frequency (hereby referred to as The Freq) 28.46 MHz. The Freq will allow mass transmitting or reporting to the members of 37ZP, and it is strongly recommended each member has a radio tuned to The Freq. If using a publicly used radio transmitter to broadcast over The Freq, please remember to change the transmission setting back to what it was before in order to save other survivors hiding out in the same building the trouble or annoyance. This is not necessarily a tenet of 37ZP, but rather a display of etiquette.

Things 37ZP Is a Fan Of

Things 37ZP Is Not a Fan Of

Ranking System

The ranking system is generally based around overall activity within the group, and the ranks are as follows: the higher the number, the higher the rank; ranks are displayed next to members' names.

  1. Private
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Gunnery Sergeant
  6. Master Sergeant
  7. Lieutenant
  8. Captain
  9. Major
  10. Brigadier
  11. General
  12. Co-Commander-in-Chief

Advertisement is not required for 37ZP, although it does help us garner more members and thus expand our wandering numbers. Should one wish to advertise, do feel free to spray paint the phrase 'Visit http://tinyurl.com/62gezc' on a wall or whatnot somewhere.

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