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Q. What is best in life?

A. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the zombies.

Vis et Scientia!

The 41st Death Com. is seeking human recruits of all skill levels to help protect Crowbank from the shambling undead hordes. Potential recruits must be willing to defend our suburb by slaying zombies, reviving/healing Crowbank residents and repairing/maintaining buildings as well as maintain a UBP-compliant barricade plan. Recruits should be team-oriented with a willingness to take on missions put forth by the leadership. That being said, we will take effective loners who will listen to orders. All missions are assigned by volunteering, nothing is forced. We have several smaller units that have ample room for recruits of all activity levels.

The 41st is an aggressive, well-organized group that engages in some vigilantism such as killing PKers, Gkers and others who disrespect our suburbs residents. Ruthless in the dispensation of its own kind of justice, the 41st is ultimately loyal to those it protects. Killing of innocents or destruction of generators anywhere results in dismissal from the squad and banishment from Crowbank.

41st Death Com. is generally friendly towards other pro-survivor groups and works in concert with several other groups in Crowbank. Order, civility and control are the 41st's ultimate goals.

Joining the 41st Death Com. is simple. Visit the 41st forums and follow the directions in the 'How to Join the 41st DC' forum.

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