44th Infantry

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44th Infantry
44 INF DIV SSI.png
Abbreviation: 44th
Group Numbers: 6
Leadership: Someone Important
Goals: To secure and stabilize Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Forums


Early in the outbreaks the 44th Infantry Division was brought in to maintain order. Strategic Evacuations were being implemented in Vinetown when things quickly went awry. Most of the 44th was able to pull out, but a few hastily deployed fireteams and a few others were mistakenly left behind. Sergeant jonorok assumed command of any 44th Infantryman he could find, and he now gives orders and pushes his team on for paramilitary goals.

With only three of the 44th under his command and an adopted militant, what Sgt jonorok still refers to as "The Remnant," the four man team mostly stays in the Bubcar Towers in Vinetown. They have been there since August of 2005, after Sgt jonorok determined that the cell tower should be secured and maintained in order to help survivor communications. All missions and general goals are derived from the premise that the 44th needs to improve survivor living conditions, and not just target the undead.

Another frequent haunt is Ling Boulevard Police Department. The 44th makes sure that this lower level resource point stays clear of zombies and VSB++.

Current Status

Chillin' in Vinetown. Vinetown is overbarricaded. The general safety of the area has brought an insurge of PKers and the like, and suburbs fall around us... looks like Vinetown is rolling back into business. "And he said unto me, 'Son of man, can these bones live?' And I answered, 'O Lord God, thou knowest.'"

2-14-08 through 3-27-08 Operation Valentine was a mix of partial successes and failures. While survivor pressure had the zombies working nights and weekends too, we could only tentatively claim and hold the Maver Necrotech, the tactical building that wasn't used much except to draw zombie attacks. The overall goal was to concentrate and deter organized zombies from Central V-town, which we pretty much did, until Big Bash.

In The Flesh

In The Flesh is a manga styled webcomic depicting the misadventures of the 44th Infantry. Kropp is the artist, Jonorok maintains the site and they both co-write for the project. In the works since November of 2007, they have finally gotten around to publishing it, or however you release a comic. They update it tentatively.

Inthefleshadvert.png In The Flesh


Generally the 44th is friendly to any pro-survivor groups, especially those in Vinetown, but they have made specific effort to work alongside M.E.R.C.Y., and have also been aided by them many times.

Sgt jonorok had allied the 44th in 2006 with the Disgruntled Heroes, another V-town group. He was good friends with their leaders and helped them defend St. John's Cathedral from the Church of the Resurrection. The Disgruntled Heroes were a solid bunch of survivors, and the 44th salutes them and what they stood for in V-town.


  • Kropp - lvl 41
  • Skunk bomb - lvl 33
  • Rees - lvl 28
  • Alanorovich - lvl 28
  • Goodname - lvl 17
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