4th Force Recon

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"4th Force Recon, Act Swiftly, Silently, And Deadly."

4th Force Recon
Abbreviation: 4FR
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Dadarkscout
Goals: Kill All Zombies And Survivor Haters, Revive Fallen Survivors, Keep Suburbs Safe.
Recruitment Policy: Change Your Group In Settings To 4FR.
Contact: None Atm

4th Force Recon.jpg

4th Force Recon

4th Force Recon is a specialized group of anti-zombie agents who get their objectives swiftly, silently, and deadly. Founded September 17, 2010 by Dadarkscout. Group is based somewhere within Wykewood, working on protecting the suburb and the survivors within.


4th Force Recons goals are to kill all zombies and survivor haters, revive fallen survivors, keep the suburbs safe, and take back all the ruined suburbs using special operations only the 4th Force Recon know about.


Anyone who wishes to join the 4FR may do so, they are no requirements other then you can't be a zombie. Any class/level that wishes to join may do so, whatever you are we can find a way to make use of your skills.


September 17th, 2010- 4th Force Recon was founded by DaDarkScout.

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