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The Fortress Nerds

This hip page is dedicated to The Skorpions and their campaign against the Fortress jive turkeys. Why? These nerds claim they are the best survivor group in the game when they are being bruised and creamed by two much smaller groups. In a group that claims 90+ members, they are currently being creamed by two crews with numbers less than 20. The Skorpions have 3 actives, and the Browncoats with a claim of 16 people (7-9 actives).

So far they aren't putting up much of a fight as we give them daily knuckle sandwiches. This page will keep a tally of kills by both squads, and will give updates for as long as the campaign goes on.

Riot wideweb 430x315.jpg The Skorpions tossing rocks at a Fortress Jive Turkey.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

October 18th: Day 1 of official cruisin':

War starts today, so far, before official declaration, The Skorpions have earned the following kills:

Jensonson gettin' the word from the bird.

Fortress newbie who pays for his group's baggage.

Jensonson gets Rick Rolled, 50's style

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