501st U.S. Army Battalion

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501st U.S. Army Battalion

We're Coming For You


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501st U.S. Army Battalion
501st Insignia new.PNG
Abbreviation: 501st
Group Numbers: 0
Leadership: MBjarno
Goals: to gain control of Fort Perryn
Recruitment Policy: Any human.
Contact: http://501stbattalion.fullforums.com/forum


The 501st U.S. Army Battalion was made up of about 250 battle-hardened soldiers, pre-quarantine. Their base was Fort Perryn, when suddenly the outbreak occurred, and the quarantine was issued. Boxed in, and confused, the soldiers stayed where they were and barricaded the fort. The zombies eventually reached the them, and in just 2 hours, over 500 zombies arrived. They broke through the gates and annihilated the battalion.

Three soldiers escaped with their lives, and ran for a near by neighborhood, Buttonville, knowing that zombie hordes were few and far between there. Sergeants Killian Ale, Ryker, and Corinthias took nothing but the necessary equipment, designed for their classes. On the way, they picked up 5 able-bodied recruits, and holed up in St. Columbanus's Church.

Since then, the Sergeants made the church their base, and began preparations to restore the 501st to their former glory.

The Original Three left in December of 2008 and in July of 2009, a duo of soldiers decided to bring the 501st back. They revived the group until RedChris93 left to find an old friend while TeddiMonster died at the hands of Zack. The group was claimed by Major MBjarno and has been given a makeover

High Command

High Command is a board of high ranking officers which controls everything with the 501st

PK Policy

Pk'ers will be killed.


The 501st had a strict Coda that each member was supposed to follow:

1. No killing zombies at sacred ground.

2. Follow your orders.

3. All 501st occupied buildings must be barricaded.

4. EHB Buildings must have entry points.

5. Never Surrender.

6. Everybody can help.

Policies and Other Templates

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
501stally.PNG Ally of the 501st

This group is either ally of the 501st U.S. Army Battalion or a sub-group. They are under protection and if attacked, are retaliated in war. These groups are highly trained. You've been warned.

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