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57th shield.jpg

57th ADMI
57th shield.jpg
Abbreviation: 57th
Group Numbers: What's bigger than 'handful' but smaller than 'throng'? Aside from me, that is.
Leadership: Lt. Aeron. He'll kick your zombie ass.
Goals: Making Dartside safe for grannies, trannies, and co-ed bowling leagues.
Recruitment Policy: Come to our HQ of Samborne Towers.
Contact: Thomas Rage (south group)

General Description

We are a pro-Survivor group based in Dartside with secondary groups in the north, one currently in Eastonwood by way of Lamport Hills. We trace our origin to a gathering of mystic warriors that occurred at a karaoke bar on the main floor of the The Schalch Hotel. Historically the 57th was allied with the Regulators Alliance, a group which is now sadly scattered upon the wind. They were/are all great people who liked to keep things running, shared recipes, and supported worthy causes like tapeworm research.

Other survivors are welcome to share our cubicles nestled in the second and third floors of Samborne Towers provided that they actually SAY SOMETHING and not convince the trigger-happy locals into believing that they are undead spies. The fridge is always fully stocked unless some damn zed breaks in and tosses it out the window. A warning to neighbours: We sometimes share the gospel of James Brown by means of the radio or (more often) by shouting. Occasionally we do this when we cannot sleep.


Our main objective in the game is to have fun, kill zeds, and use most (if not all) of our 50 action points each day for needless roleplay. We mostly refuse to leave our HQ of Samborne Towers unless we're running low on Mountain Dew.

We maintain several buildings in the area, including the Shrine to the Fuel Monkeys in the factory next door. May our simian lords ever be gracious.


Before the outbreak, the 57th was one of the premier paintball teams in the greater Malton area. While a few of the group had actual combat training --- the Parkers were cops --- the rest were a bunch of punters that worked well as a team. They initially squatted in Holtzy's old workplace in the Dunford Street Fire Station and the nearby Schalch Hotel, but quickly moved to Samborne to take advantage of Maltel's low low rates.

The Revelatory Mysteries of James Brown the Elder

Although we know exactly what the acronym 'ADMI' stands for, we're going to keep people guessing. Why? Because it's funny. Below are some ingenious guesses provided by the sorely missed dudes at Shiro Tagachi, who are now back to working at Taco Bell and thinking of buying a van.

Possible ADMI acronym meanings

  • Ask Dan for My Iguana
  • Alzheimers Doctor Made Incidents
  • A Dartside Malevolent Interruption
  • Another Dead Military Interruptor
  • Another Disasterous Matriarchic Institution
  • Asking Dead Morbid Idiots
  • Ape Damages Matriarchal Ice-cream
  • Arthur Died Monday Ice-skating
  • At Dawn My Intelligence
  • A Den of Marked Idiots

The fine fellows at Merde also suggested "Addicts Drinking Muffin Ingredients".

In actual fact, ADMI stands for All Dead Munch Innards. Or is that After Dawn Make Ice-cream? Ah well, all dogs must inspect, amirite? Yeah, didn't think so. :/

If you can think of any more (or better) acronyms using ADMI, feel free to post them here. Thank you for your cooperation.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.75 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Variable

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