Prickett Street Fire Station

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Prickett Street Fire Station

Chancelwood [69,0]

Border Border Border
the Syred Motel Prickett Street Fire Station the Blount Monument
Crees Avenue Leighton Way a junkyard

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Prickett Street Fire Station
EthrDemon (talk) 23:19, 14 February 2020 (UTC)


Malton Fire Department
Prickett Street Fire Station is one of two Fire Stations in Chancelwood, and part of District NE-2.

It is located in the northeast of Chancelwood, which is on northeast border of Malton.

There are currently no Firefighters assigned to this Fire Station. Members of District NE-2 periodically check in on this Station.

Barricade Policy

Please do not over barricade this building! It should be maintained as an accessible safe house and free running entryway, and as such the barricades should be maintained at Very Strongly (VS+2) unless the station comes under attack. See the Uniform Barricading Policy for more details.


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