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Abbreviation: 777
Group Numbers: ??
Leadership: The Founders
Goals: Various - see below
Recruitment Policy: see below
Contact: see below


777, also known as The Cult of 777, 777 Clan, and 777crew is a relatively new group to Malton.

The origins of 777 begin in the suburb of Earletown [1] at the Pullinger Auto Repair [2].

Late in the evening of July 3, 2005, local police received calls about an explosion in the parking lot outside of Pullinger Auto Repair. Eyewitnesses reports included sightings of a shooting star or some small meteor falling through the sky and crashing into the asphalt parking lot. The crash and resulting explosion destroyed a half dozen cars that were in the lot, and set fire to the facade of the building. Firemen were able to put out the fire and save the building, and the cars in the lot were also extinguished, but beyond salvage. That same night, police and fire departments were flooded with other emergency calls. As we all know, this would be the first night of the zombie crisis in Malton.

Nobody is quite sure what happened to the remains of the meteor. Here are some of the rumors:

- The Earletown Fire Department recovered a small radioactive piece of space rock and secured it in a lead-lined box.

- Operatives of NecroTech came and recovered the remnants of the meteor. The meteor had broken up into 7 distinct pieces upon impact.

- Two masked men in black robes appeared and collected a black orb, roughly the size of a bowling ball, from the crater where the meteor had crashed.

- A local gang picked up a small chunk of cosmic debris and took it back to their favorite club.

- There were no remnants of the meteor, but the crater itself emanated a green glow and people who came in contact with the crater were later taken to area hospitals for treatment.


Nobody is really sure what 777 has in mind. Their goals are obscure. They are not necessarily a pro-survivor group, nor are they a pro-zombie group. They also don't show any interest in being a death cult. They are not a group of killers for hire, and they show no interest in politics. They don't seem to want to claim any turf or start any wars with other groups either.

The only goal that is certain when it comes to 777 is murder. Why they murder, however, is a mystery.


Nobody knows WHY they kill...we just know that they do.

- quote from the Superintendent of the Northeast Division of the Malton Police Department during a briefing about 777

They're a full-throttle murder machine.

- comment from Channel 4 News field report in Earletown


Members of 777 can be divided into two easy categories: those who list their membership in their profiles, and those who do not.

There is meaning in both roles within the group, but only members who have been initiated and proven themselves are informed of how this all works.


777 is not for hire. If you have a problem, find one of us and complain about it. We'll see how far that gets you.


Want to join 777? Follow these steps:

1.) Make a pilgrimage to Earletown.

2.) Visit Pullinger Auto Repair.

3.) Wait for someone who shows 777 in their profile to contact you.

4.) You will be asked several questions and given some specific directions. If you want to join us, be honest and follow the directions.

5.) After the interview, you will be sent a message with a mission. Complete the mission and you will be granted membership.

6.) Once you are officially a member, we will give you more information about the organization.

7.) Once you are a member and you know everything, remember this bit of advice: never betray the organization.

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