7th Recon Squad

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7th Recon Squad
Abbreviation: 7RC
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Adrian Carnage
Goals: Organized Hit and Run Attacks on both Survivor and Zombie targets
Recruitment Policy: Apply at Steven Faer's talk page
Contact: silvaidaho@roadrunner.com

You're cold. It's damp, muddy, and the light rain hasn't let up for three days. A week ago you finished off your last pack of gum or cigarettes or whatever it is you use to keep yourself busy. You sit inside of a warehouse with it's roof torn off. It's barricaded, but a watch is still posted. No matter how bad it gets, it's worse to be sloppy. That'll get you killed. So you sit, poncho up over your head, your pistol cocked and ready beside you, and you wait.

Wait for the next mission. The mission where you'll get to go out and kill some zombies. Or people. Sergeant Carnage hasn't been very picky about who goes down, as long as somebody lies in the mud and blood at the end of the day. It's a rush, that's for sure.


The 7th Recon Squad was part of the military aid effort during the evacuations. They scouted ahead throughout Malton, assessing the extent of the zombie uprising. Led by Sergeant Adrian Carn (known as Adrian Carnage, due to his violent response to the zombie infection), the group went deep into zombie-held territory. When the squad's radio was destroyed during a skirmish with the undead, they were cut off from the evacuation. They were left behind as the trucks departed and Malton was quarantined.

Our Mission

Sergeant Adrian 'Carnage' Carn has become more and more erratic since the evacuations. He's held the squad together, but their targets have recently turned from zombies to people. Carn (myself) has decided to get back at the stupid survivors who's aid he came to, thus condemning his squad. The squad's targets are small groups of survivors, lone survivors, and resource buildings. They are willing, of course, to kill zombies, and are happy to do so. They are soldiers of opportunity.


The squad is too small to use as a full-fledged assault unit. They infiltrate, scout, and attack swiftly and without warning. Their targets are not always people, sometime generators, sometimes barricades. They'll pick away at a unit or building over days, then fade away. They are as much about handicapping the survivors as killing them outright.

Headquarters and Command

The 7th Recon Squad does not have a permenant headquarters, as it makes them a stationary target. The squad's current location is Heytown, but they move around frequently. The HQ is basically a temporary resting and fallback position, where the doctor and backup wait.

The command structure is fairly fluid, with Sergeant Carn leading all operations. Each member gets a vote on targets, safehouses, ect. except in times of crisis, when snap decisions are needed.

Positions and Recruitment

The idea squad will be made up of ten members.

The Assault Leader goes with Fireteam 1, made up of two soldiers. Fireteam 2 is made up of three soldeirs, led by the second in command. The scout works alone, checks out potential targets, and radios the main unit when a suitable target is found. The doctor waits at the rally point, near the target, and prepares to administer to the wounded. Alongside the doctor is a barricader/soldier, who can provide protection for him if needed, or be a fresh reserve if the assault team needs help. If the team is fine, he prepares Very Strong Barricades, and will board up the building at least to one tier above VSB after everyone enters, to prevent intrusion by outside forces.

(Note: As people will be absent or not available at times for this plan to always be effectively used, it is easily susceptible to change.

Assault Leader: Adrian Carnage Second in Command: Fireteam 1: Fireteam 2: Doctor: Reserve/Barricader:

If you'd like to join, please leave me a message on my talk page. We'll have a forum up as soon as possible.

Allies and Enemies

We are open to alliances, and willing to work for a larger unit at our origional job, recon. We will work with zombies.

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