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Abbreviation 8/24
Group Numbers 50+
Leadership DORIS
Goals To mourn the death of Pluto
Recruitment Policy One Character per Player
Contact Rezzens or DORIS
Event Date and Place 08-24-2007 Treweeke Mall

The Death of a Planet

In August of 2006 the International Astronomical Union, a long time friend of Pluto, plotted to kill the powerful God. Their plan came into effect on August 24th when they stabbed him in the back several times, leaving him for dead. After that they made a report to the press that Pluto was no longer a planet.

The Pluto Cultists, DORIS was outraged. Their Lord and Savior was murdered by mortals in a most sinister fashion. And so they plotted and waited as more religious figures in their religion were struck down. The one true Prophet Steve Irwin was murdered by stingrays. Saddam Hussein, the King of New Baghdad was dethroned and murdered. DORIS had had enough and went on the offensive each time the infidels attacked one of their religious figures.

DORIS attacked Grigg Heights to help reanimate Pluto, Yagoton to reincarnate Steve Irwin, and New Baghdad to bring their King Saddam Hussein back to power. But with the mourniversary of Pluto coming near the cultists had to make it a day that people would NEVAR FORGET.

The Main Event

On 8/24 DORIS, The PKer Hub, and The PKer Alliance attacked Treweeke Mall in the name of the Pluto jihad.

Participating Groups

The following PKer groups make an appearance on the 8/24 Event (alphabetic order)

Special guests included

Scenes of the Event

First strike

Largest strike thus far


  • Official body count puts the Mall at 70+. Bounty Hunters and various other targets killed in the surrounding area is at 15+.
  • Total Casualties is reported to be between 12 and 14.
  • The number of kills leading up to the attack range from 150 to 250. Casualties range between 30 and 45.
  • 500-600 killed by our guests the LUE

Educate Yourself

Pluto is a planet. Get over it.

Forum Sigs and Templates

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