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Abbreviation: 92RU
URL: http://bit.ly/92ndRU (links back here)
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: 3 Response Units, each led by one unit leader.
Goals: To respond to small, urgent threats that threaten the likelihood of fellow Malton citizens.
Recruitment Policy: Currently recruiting, no skills required.
Contact: mail firite@gmail.com
Activity: Classified

General Information

Group name: 92nd Response Unit

Goals: Retaking lost Necrotech Buildings, securing abandoned communities, initiating mini zed countermeasures

Future goals: Setting up a safe community zone not near a mall

Membership: Humans only (All Civilians, Scientists and Military are welcome)

Alliances: As we are a new group, we welcome all alliances. Being a pro-survivor group, we will try to our best extent to work well with all pro-survivor groups.

Command System

The current command system of the 92nd Response Unit:

Task Force 1 Task Force 2 Task Force 3
Fire Team Leader: Establish Fire Team Leader: ShiraiTenshi Specialist: Compcrashes
Response Commander: Etirif Response Commander: ShiraiKage Specialist: Salmon Potato
Responder: Trout Potato Responder: Firite ~
Responder: Potassium Hydroxide Responder: Fenwyk ~
Responder: Tuna Potato Responder: BloodBay ~


The 92nd Response Unit was made up of two main elements, Bravo and Charlie. This worked to the Unit's fast response. However, a lack of coordination was noticed, and this caused inefficiencies in the elements. As such, the unit as been revamped, and broken into three task forces.


As with any response unit, the 92nd has a command hierarchy to efficiently communicate:

  • Fire Team Leader - A Fire Team Leader effectively disseminates information regarding missions and directs the team to efficiently complete missions.
  • Response Commander & Asst. Response Commander - The commanders work on the field to ensure the Fire Team's response is fast and with effect.
  • Responder - A unique rank to the 92nd, the Responder's main objective is to effectively complete an order or objective that will help the human resistance gain a foothold to hold off or gain ground over the zeds. Responders tend to be the fastest members of the Task Force to respond to any particular situation.
  • Specialist - A special unit class in the 92nd, the Specialist has autonomy over his or her actions, and are typically sent to dangerous suburbs or locations to help the community there. The specialists of the 92nd may work as mercenaries on the job; it is accepted that they do so because of the dangerous nature of their job with little or no reward.

Current Activities

Operation: Retake Nettleton - Successful, ended as of 11 June 2009

After being displaced from our old HQ Kirby Boulevard PD, the 92nd decided to take up camp at Nettleton PD. There was much scuffling, and confusion at the start; more then 20 zombies attacked at any one time. The 92nd held out, and as of 30 May, there are little to no zombies in the immediate area.

Operation: Defence of Eastonwood - Aborted, 19 June

There was much discussion between Potassium Hydroxide, Etirif and Estasblish as to the next direction of the 92nd. Upon hearing of the impending RRF attack, the group proceeded to Eastonwood to aid in the defense efforts. However, Etirif and Potassium Hydroxide fell foul to pure bad luck, and were KIAed 12 hours into the advance. Two responders, ShiraiKage and ShiraiTenshi, twin brothers, were lost as the advance occurred. As of 16 June, they have not been encountered. We pray for them.

As of 18 June, all members of the 92nd are either on the way to Eastonwood to aid in the defense, or are waiting for a poke in the neck, anxious to get back into the fray.

Update 19 June: Defense of Eastonwood on hold, all members of the 92nd ready and active.

Operation: Retake Kirby PD - Complete as of 20th June

Emotional motivations of not having a permanent base have caused a mission to spring up, this time in the retaking of the Kirby PD from zed's hands. Elements of the First Task Force arrived in the vicinity of Kirby Boulevard PD to reclaim it and establish the place as a safe bastion for survivors. Task Force 1 began operations on June 20 to recapture the PD, while elements of Task Force 2 arrived shortly after to provide support and aid. Task Force 3 did not participate in this mission, as they were on a special mission that cannot be disclosed just yet.

Update [Jun 20]: In what could be considered a coup de main, Task Force 1 and elements of Task Force 2 took over Kirby PD and secured it in a single day. Finding that they had residual strength that was unused, the two TF's moved on to take over the entire surrounding area. In one swift stroke, the surrounding buildings including: Littlehales NT, Simeon/St Columbanus/Martin General Hospital and the Brimblecombe Arms were reclaimed.

Operation: Trident - Ongoing as of 19th June



The 92nd Response Unit will happily accept all who work as a team, so please mail firite@gmail.com if you wish to join!

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