9th Infantry

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9th Infantry are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 03:35, 15 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

9th Infantry
Abbreviation: None
Group Numbers: 100
Leadership: HQ
Goals: None.
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: None


The 9th Infantry is a military unit made up of members from all around the world. Though it is based out of the United States, it's interest are anywhere there is a need for military force. It only makes sense that once the situation in Malton got out of hand the 9th Infantry was called upon for help.


Units of the 9th Infantry operating in Malton are currently focused on running the revivification points at Gee Avenue and Park Walk in the suburb of South Blythville. As well as Shallet Crescent in North Blythville and Corless Way in Dartside. Enemy activity in or around those areas is also tracked utilizing the Blythville Gang's DNR List as a point of reference. This is only possible due to the coalition that has formed and become known as the Blythville Gang.

9th Infantry and RAWK

The beginning of the Blythville Gang took place in the vaults of Harnap Bank, in January of 2006. Members the 9th Infantry and RAWK took up residence there and, along with various unaffiliated survivors, started an impromptu revive clinic at Gee Avenue. These survivors also began to work together for the common defense of South Blythville.

The Blythville Gang is Formed

The first steps the survivors of the Bank Massacre - those who would become the nucleus of the Blythville Gang - took was to seek out and revive their fallen comrades. After this was successfully completed, Mcbride (one of the Gang's founding members) established a message board for the Gang to coordinate on. The primary function of this board is for zombies seeking revivification to have a forum to do so. Another important aspect of this board is its "Do Not Revive List". This list contains links to the profiles of known criminal individuals and/or groups who are to be killed on sight and not revived under any circumstances. The people/groups listed on the DNR List are confirmed PKers, GKers, and/or RKers, which are all considered serious crimes against humanity based on the current situation in Malton.


When the military re-opened shortwave radio frequencies for use, the 9th Infantry immediately began setting up radio transmitters and the means to power them. The 9th Infantry now operates using 27.44 MHz in conjunction with the Blythville Gang.