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Asshole Registration and Systematic Execution
Abbreviation: A.R.S.E.
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: Nubis
Goals: Issuing contracts for PKing
Recruitment Policy: N/A
Contact: The A.R.S.E. thread


A.R.S.E. (Asshole Registration and Systematic Execution) is a list of people who annoyed somebody in some way shape or form. Their "victims" register them with A.R.S.E., and the registration can be anonymous (via PM) to protect the victims from revenge. The registration needs to contain the character name, location and a reason; however registrations can be denied for any reason, and more commonly no reason at all. Persons on the A.R.S.E. list are targeted by PKers.

Getting on the List

People can register a user for placement on the A.R.S.E. for any reason, whether it is legitimate or not. In this same vein however, any registration can be denied for any reason. Who is put on the list is ultimately decided by the person running the list, although for the most part it is considered bad form for them to add a user themselves.

Getting off the List

Once a user is placed on the A.R.S.E. list, it is almost a given that said user will be on it permanently. However, the List Updater allows for persons on the list to make an argument for why they should not be on the list, but it is advised that they do it through private channels with the List Updater. Courtesy, grammar and having legitimate reasons to be off the list are essential to having your request so much as considered.

Pro and Contra

The A.R.S.E. list gives normal PKers something to do. Normally they kill random people, but with the A.R.S.E. list they get the feeling that they do something good with their methods. The A.R.S.E. list can help people who feel insulted or who are treated unfairly. But all in all it's more like a method to gain fame for normal PKers. Many people are against the A.R.S.E. list, and for good reason. They say that the A.R.S.E. killers are barely above normal PKers, which is absolutely right, as a person on the A.R.S.E. list is more than welcome to report being killed on a more regulated PK List. The A.R.S.E. system does not call for any proof of a registree's guilt, the word of the person registering another person for A.R.S.E. can oftentimes be enough.

The A.R.S.E. List

For an up-to-date list, please visit the forum thread here.

The list is usually updated every other day around midnight GMT, so be sure to check every so often to ensure that your list is the most recent revision.

Last Update

May 4th 2006, 1920 GMT

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