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A.Z.M.C : Anti Zombie Marine Core

Anti Zombie Marine Core
A.Z.M.C Logo.jpg
Abbreviation: A.Z.M.C
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Ryo T
Goals: To wipe out all zombies or atleast turn them back into humans
Recruitment Policy: Anyone that wants to join
Contact: [1]

A.Z.M.C Logo.jpg


  • Application Link-[2]


Information Center

  • Info Center 1-[4]


  • 4 star General-Ryo T
  • 4 Star General-Ryosuke Takahashi

Alpha Squad

  • Commander-Sgt Jack Smith
  • 2nd in command-Officer McBrian-dead (for now)
  • Corpsman-Med Lukas Jones
  • Radio man-
  • Gunman-
  • Gunman-

Bravo Squad

  • Commander-
  • 2nd in command-
  • Corpsman-
  • Radio man-
  • Gunman-
  • Gunman-
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