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Active Central Nutrion Engery
Abbreviation: ACNE
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Stumpff
Goals: Get all the grease in Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Always Hiring
Contact: Contact Stumpff ingame or here.

The Active Central Nutrion Engery is big in the grease business not only in Malton. So don't try to get our grease.

Our Mission

There is so much grease in Malton whice lies in the differnt facilities. We bring it to our factory and make soap and babynutrion from it.

We will not accept any other people who want to trade with grease beside us.

A.C.N.E. Work Instruction

  1. Remember our Mission!
    Your primary task is to get the grease. It is found best in hotels/motels, cinemas, schools and public houses.
  2. Get the grease
    All employees are expected to go to these Buildings and get the grease.
  3. Protect ACNE Assets!
    Our expensive equipment makes a tempting target for vandals and thieves. Keep the factory and our warehouse Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times!
  4. Spread our message!
    If you take the grease say that you take it. So spray inside of all buildings our tag.

The use of the following tag is recommended:

ACNE take the grease
  1. Working Clothes!
    Please do not wear any working clothes just came as you are. You are getin dirty we don't care about it. Put "ACNE" as your group in your profile.
Acne.png A.C.N.E. Grease
We have taken all the grease, because we own the grease business in Malton!
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