ALL ThIngs D3ad

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ALL ThIngs D3ad
All things dead.png
Abbreviation: ATD
Group Numbers: ~2
Leadership: Current leaders: D3ad Boi
Goals: Get Sum bRAinZ
Recruitment Policy: Approval


ALL ThIngs D3ad is a pro-zombie group based in and around the suburbs of West Grayside and East Grayside. These suburbs will serve as our home base. All recruits need to head there.

Rules & Requirments

(1) Have or get a zombie character (2) You must have a zombie description in your profile. (3) Link the ATD site in the "Real Name" section of your profile. (Copy and Paste this tag into your Real Name - "Join ATD 4 BRA!NZ!") (4) Get your rotting self to either West Grayside or East Grayside ASAP. (5) Have fun eating brains with hive mind meta gaming!

Horde Membership

Any one person is only allowed to have one zombie in the ATD horde. All active zombies are listed below. Inactive zombies aren't listed here, but are welcome to go to the group's homepage [1] and re-activate their account.

Zombie *Level* Zombie *Level*
Current Horde Members
D3ad Boi *12* Shodow713 *5*
Probationary Zombies
? *?*

The list of our active zombies will be updated every Feeding Frenzy .

Updated--D3ad Boi 12:15 PM, 9 December 2009 (GMT -5)


Horde Activity:

This section is a basic journal that we record important events so that you may view them in a "Journal-like" way.

9 December 2009

I have finally started the "ALL ThIngs D3ad" group. GrAAaagH!