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AMC Victimization is a Malton survivor group dead set on handing zombies their decaying asses.

AMC Victimization
AMC V.jpg
Abbreviation: AMC
Group Numbers: 19
Leadership: LAMOTU
Goals: Zom-B-Qing every shambler in Malton and beyond.
Recruitment Policy: see discussion tab at the top of this page

History of AMC

The team of AMC came to be in 1999, at Fletcher High School in Jacksonville Florida. It was there that The Felonious Monk aka E.F. and Mr Victimization aka LAMOTU first cemented their teamsmanship by officially announcing the formation of AMC. Since that time the duo has gone into many business and pleasure endeavours. (see below)

AMC went international when, in 2003, E.F. joined the military and was stationed in Korea, then later Kuwait. During his time in the Army as an intelligence soldier, E.F. saw little combat experience during his deployments. Upon his return to Ft Creedy, E.F. began seeing the signs of the impending zombie infestation. His warnings to his superiors went first unheeded, then ignored, and finally they got him at-odds with the military establishment. After a few months of this, he was sent for a psychiatric evaluation. It was determined that not only was he now mentally unfit for service in the military, but he was a danger to himself and the public, and should be institutionalized under Section 8 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He was transferred to the off-site mental facility located in Old Arkham. While there, he attempted escape on several occasions. He was stopped each attempt. Finally he was put into solitary confinement under heavy sedation until well after the rise of the first zombies. He was finally able to escape utilizing (for the first time) his SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training. During this escape he subdued a guard and stole his weapon, then fled the hospital naked.

Before his imprisonment, E.F. was in close contact with Mr. Victimization discussing the signs of the zombie infestation they both noticed. When contact with E.F. suddenly stopped, Mr. Victimization left his young son, The Maestro, in the care of The Maestro's mother and traveled to Malton to investigate. He entered the city under cover of darkness and made his way to Vinetown, where he began searching a police station for weapons to combat the overwhelming zombie hordes outside. He also disguised himself as a police officer to aid his travel through the city, and give himself a psychological advantage when dealing with the average civilian. His natural knack for leadership helped him with this disguise.

The two finally met back up in Mockridge Heights outside the Wilcox Building. Their first meeting was one of immense confusion, as LAMOTU could not understand why E F was wearing no clothing in the dead of winter. He was said to have only remarked, "Where's your pants?" The two found temporary shelter in the Wilcox building. Unfortunately, this ended poorly, with the two of them soon being dragged into the street and killed during a zombie attack. When they later rose from the dead, the two found the life of the living dead to be wholly dissatisfying. Fighting the infection, the two noticed a spraypainted sign for a revive point nearby. Drawing on their remaining memories of their previous life, they shambled into the noted alleyway and waited. A survivor soon wandered by and was able to revivify them both, giving them a second lease on life. They now spend their time surviving the streets of Malton, as a force against the undead.

AMC has studied the Zombie Survival Guide extensively and had planned for the eventual rise of the undead well in advance of the crisis in Malton over their existence as a group the past ten years. As such their knowledge of the enemy is virtually all encompassing and they hope to spread the knowledge that they have in order to help their fellow man win the war against the zombie hoards.

Business Ventures

AMC has entered into a rash of business and charity ventures outside of Malton. These include:

  • Casa del AMC y no pantalones
  • AMC Theatres
  • AMC Cancer Research
  • AMC Automotives
  • AMC Team Racing
  • AMC Wrestling
  • AMC's Save Africa Foundation
  • AMC: The Band
  • AMC Battlefield Sports
  • AMC Security
  • AMC Victimizers Hockey
  • AMC Movie Production

Members of AMC Victimization

AMC Victimizations Retired Veterans

These are the former members of AMC Victimization that are no longer active in the city of Malton. They are held in high reguard for their service as members of AMC Victimization and will always remain Victimizers in our hearts.

Honorary Members

Over the years, AMC has added several Honorary Members to their group for various reasons. To date, no honorary member can be found within the Malton City Limits. These members and their membership citations, are listed below.

  • Columbus Hall
    • For steadfast loyalty to AMC in the face of all adversity, we hereby award you, Columbus Hall, Honorary Membership into AMC. Rise and be honored.
      • (It is interesting to note that this citation was never delivered to Columbus personally. It still sits within the AMC Vaults. Columbus still thinks he's out.)
  • Zachary Fountain
    • For exemplary performance in the incapacitation and consumption of the enemies of AMC, for showing outstanding performance in the fields of courage and drool, for loyally supporting the cause of AMC, we hereby award you, Zachary Fountain, Honorary Membership into AMC. Rise and be honored.
  • Dell the Chef
    • For excellence in the field of culinary arts, for loyalty in helping AMC secure early release from work, for the words of wisdom only old people can give, we hereby award you, Dell the Chef, Honorary Membership into AMC. Rise and be honored.
  • Matt "Muthafuckin'" Jones
    • For excellence of training in the field of Movie Theatre Projection Operations, for diligence and expedience in securing for and distributing to AMC, Night of the Comet, we hereby award you, Matt "Muthafuckin'" Jones, Posthumous Honorary Membership into AMC. Do not rise, but be honored.

Notable Accomplishments in the zombie war

  • LAMOTU infected with a zombie bite and armed only with a kitchen knife battled a group of zombies single handedly long enough to buy time for those hiding out in St. Johns Hospital (Brooksville) to try to make good their escape. In the ensuing battle he critically wounded and or killed several zombies before finally being killed. (He was later revived by a member of Team Zombie Hardcore in North Blythville, AMC and AMC Victimization officially recognizes TZH's lack of soft cores!)
  • Grey DeFranko in his first night in Malton faced off against two zombies by himself. With the first mighty swing that he ever took with his axe, he killed one of the zombies, he then went on to destroy the second of the pair in a quick battle, never being touched by either of them. A stunning first night on the streets of Malton. Zombies beware...
  • LAMOTU, in dramatic fashion, killed a zombie with a flare gun. If you don't think that this is worth noting then you apparently have never tried to shoot a zombie with a flare gun. (All those who have in fact killed a zombie or human with a flare gun has AMC's respect.) Two more members of AMC Victimization: Geese Beater and Grey DeFranko have also managed this spectacular feat of zombie-Qing.

AMC Victimization Awards and Merits

  • Members of AMC Victimization can receive these awards and merits by satisfying the requirements of each. LAMOTU will inform members of their awards as they are awarded them. Some awards will require another member of the team to nominate a teammate for the award such as the wounded warrior medal or have other special conditions to meet in order for it to be awarded, these will be noted on the award itself. Nominations should be posted on the Award/Nomination Notices section of the talk page.

Obtain all Military skills Obtain all Scientific skills Obtain all Miscellaneous skills Obtain the Free Running skill Obtain all Melee Combat skills Obtain all Firearm skills Obtain all Medical skills Obtain all NecroTech skills Obtain Construction, Free Running, Hand-to-Hand combat, and Basic Firearms Training skillsObtain Tagging and Radio Operation skills Obtain Shopping and Bargain Hunting skills Obtain the Body Building skill Obtain the Headshot skill Must be injured in action  defending fellow survivors and nominated by a fellow member of AMC Victimization and the nomination must be seconded by a separate member Must be injured in action defending fellow survivors and nominated by a fellow member of AMC Victimization and the nomination must be seconded by a separate member for a second and separate action Must be injured in action defending fellow survivors and nominated by a fellow member of AMC Victimization and the nomination must be seconded by a separate member for a third and separate action The Validus Vir medal is the highest award a member of AMC Victimization can obtain. In order to be awarded this medal one must go above and beyond the call of duty defending their fellow survivors against overwhelming odds and be nominated by a fellow member of AMC Victimization and the nomination must be seconded by a separate member. After the nominations have gone through a vote will be taken by an anonymous committee. If the vote is unanimous then the medal will be awarded. Only the members of AMC Victimization that retire to a permanent inactive status in Malton are given this award.


AMC supports the following causes

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
This group supports the No Random Revive Policy
Crucifix.jpg Stop Suggesting Crap!
This user or group supports
intelligent suggestions because:
Crucifixes should be useless,
just like in real life.
  • Talk to AMC via discussion page.
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