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E.F. shown out of uniform as he has been unable to find one since his escape from Old Arkham 1074923 Yes E.F. is a no bullshit U.S. army Sargent. Stick that in your uzi and smoke it trenchcoaters!

E.F. is 1/3 of AMC and one of the two leading members of AMC Victimization an anti-zombie group operating in Malton.

E.F. was a U.S. army intelligence sargent stationed at various bases throughout the world before being stationed in Malton. He was sent to an off-site mental health institution under Section 8 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice due to his insistence that the riots and other violence happening in Malton where in fact a zombie outbreak. Incarcerated in the mental hospital and put in solitary confinement due to doctors taking his warnings that staying in the hospital would kill them all as a declartion of intent to commit murder-suicide, he was locked up during the initial months of the outbreak. After the city was locked down the gaurds became lax worring more about the zombies constantly trying to break in than the nuts in the nut house. On the day that the zombies finally broke into the mental institution E.F. seized his chance to escape. utilizing his S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training he subdued a guard, broke out of his cell, stole the gaurds weapon, and then fled the hospital naked.

Not one to actively seek out total leadership of a group he works best as a pair with Mr Victimization or as a leader of a smaller strike force in speacial ops missions. Like Mr Victimization he is apt to crack a joke in even the most dire situation which helps to boost moral for his fellow survivors. He is also regaurded as a tireless worker and an authority on all things zombie. Through constant physical training through the army E.F. has a high level of physical fitness and weapons and hand to hand combat training. He is also schooled in military tactics and posses a good strategic mind. Standing at 5' 7" in army boots and 145 lbs. he is small and light and able to easily access even the most heavily barricaded areas. As a necessity of survival he has taken to learning how to fix damaged buildings and erect makeshift barricades in order to provide shelter for survivors against the zombie hoards. He also has medical training from his time in the army and is able to provide life saving first aid to other survivors, a skill that he continues to improvise and improve at as the situation in Malton calls for it.

His weapon of choice is a fire axe that he found in Kippins Row Fire Station due to the lack of ammunition available in Brooksville. He carries several pistols and shotguns that he is adept at using, as well as flares to signal others and also use as offensive weapons. He also carries a toolbox to help in his repairs on damaged buildings as well as a crowbar to bring down levels on overbarricaded buildings to help fellow survivors.

AMC Victimization Awards and Merits

This member of AMC Victimization is an expert at infiltrating any building or safe house This member of AMC Victimization is an expert Combat Engineer capable of repairing and fortifying any building and adept at defending them as well This member of AMC Victimization was awarded the Wounded Warrior medal for injuries suffered in valiant defense of their fellow survivors in a battle at Matthias General Hospital, Brooksville This member of AMC Victimization is in prime physical condition and has developed their body into a lethal weapon against the undead hoards This member of AMC Victimization is a master scavenger and always has the equipment needed to get the job done This member of AMC Victimization is a Zombie Hunter and as such knows that if you want to keep them down, you put one in their head