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Anyone can post on this list (unless you are on it), the more the better

This is the Ackland Mall Security list of players seen committing crimes within the mall. In the interest of fairness all players should be given one warning and then allowed 48 hours to leave the mall or justify their actions before lethal action is endorsed. Security staff should inform the surrounding survivors of their reasons for terminating the marked individual. This is a preliminary plan and subject to change once the group becomes established.

Please post the names and profiles of all PKers, GKers, Zed Spys and members of hostile groups onto this list in alphabetical order with the format:

Name-Profile-Crimes (status)
e.g. Urbandeadplayer - - PKer, GKer (Warning issued 17:43 May 15) - reported by: (your name/profile here)
e.g. Urbandeadplayer - - Zed Spy (Lethal Action Endorsed) - reported by: (your name/profile here)

Witness a player already on the list perform a crime? Multiple reports are welcomed, put your name in the 'reported by' section alongside other witnesses.

Don't get any ideas about deleting your name if it appears here. I'm keeping a backup so it won't help you for long.

If your name is on the list any you think it doesn't belong here you can appeal at the bottom of the page.

The List

  • Calvin Machiavelli - - Pker - Kills inside Giddings Mall, witnessed three seperate incidences - Reported by Pokeylittlepuppy (Screenshots available); Killed MortimerG in Ackland Mall (11/06/07), Killed Philip Lombard in Ackland Mall (11/05/07) - Reported by Calvin Machiavelli