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Allied Nations
Abbreviation: AN
Group Numbers: Nations:
Leadership: None
Goals: Our Goals:
  • Keep the Peace
  • Eliminate Evil
  • Unite Malton
Recruitment Policy: Any group may join, as long as you have one representative on our board.
Contact: Talk page, Forum.


The AN is a group of groups dedicated to keeping the peace in Malton, whilst eliminating all evils that cross its path. We accept any group dedicated to the better good of any suburb. We must eliminate evil, including malicious groups that have hostile members or leaders as well as anyone disrespecting random survivors. We respect all groups, but certain groups will be kept out until proven that your group deserves it. We train elites to protect every nation in the alliance, and the AN protects each other. Originally founded by X, the leader of a group called The X, in which has dispanded long ago, it has gotten more powerful with every nation that has an idea. We also are very much like the DEM, but have more neo-governmental wants.

The AN Today

After the AN was dumped in 2007, it was refounded in August of 2008. In light of the fact that the AN orginally failed because it posed little benefit to the member groups, special changes were made including:

  • The "AN Reaction Force", a special support group with a democratic command was formed to assist when no one else can. This force falls under direct command of the AN, working alongside all the member groups to aid Malton.
  • A forum was specialy created specificly for the AN, instead of attaching it to an existing forum. This reduces clutter, and keeps most posts relevant to the AN and its member groups.
  • Member group commanders are encouraged to treat the AN as if it was there own group, including watching over the wiki and forum, sharing main command of the A.N.R.F. as well as lending members as reservests and sharing operational information with member groups.


AN Ideals

  • Watch out for every ally.
  • Aid any pro-survivor in need


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