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APFD Department of The Commissioner
Abbreviation: APFD-CO
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: Lt Potter Comissioner.
Goals: To operate as the eyes, ears and hands of the APFD Commissioner.
Recruitment Policy: Apointed by Commissioner.
Contact: We don't have any yet.

The Commissioner is responsible for Special operational details.

Commissioner history

Lt Potter: Born: 1989

APFD Commissioner October 2006 - _________

File:Lt Potter in war.jpg

The First Commissioner of the APFD. Also Founder.


Lt Potter founded the APFD on October 15 2006. He is currently still setting up.

The chain of Command

The Chain of command Highest authority on top. Rank symbol will be next to name.

Commissioner ***- Head of the whole District. He is the highest Ranking officer, Only one at a time. He can be voted out of office by the Precincts Chiefs and Sub-Commissioners if they are unable to countinue thier duty. It must be 3/4 of the vote. A Commissioner can only be replaced by one of the Precincts Chiefs and Sub-Commissioners.

Sub-Commissioners **-In charge of the Departments of Recruitment|Field Operations|Public Relations|Resource|Medical Services, There are only 5 at a time. THey are assigned the Dept. by the Commissioner. They share power with the Precincts Chiefs. They have the right to vote the Commissioner out of office along side the Precincts Chiefs as long as it’s 3/4 of the vote. They can then vote one of the Precincts Chiefs or Sub-Commissioners into office.

Precincts Chiefs AKA Police/Fire Chiefs *-In charge of the Police Departments and Fire Departments. They are assigned the Precincts by both the Commissioner and Sub-Commissioners. They make Sure that all barricades are up, and that all Generators and Radios are working. They give orders to the people in the Precincts. They Have the same political powers to vote off the Commissioner like the Sub-Commissioners.

Major --- - Are assigned to Both Police and fire Departments. They are both the eyes and ears of the Precincts Chiefs. They take orders straight from them. They do what ever the higher ups ask them. Includes stakeouts, Barricading, Reviving, and Going out for donuts and coffie.

Captain -- -Also Assigned to Precincts. They are in charge of zombie control for the building, If a gen. or Radio goes down they go out and get it. They also keep an eye on the barricades.

Lieutenants - - The main group commanders, they don’t Truly work in the Police or Fire Departments. But they can be found there, they are the ones who are sent on missions outside the suburb. They are also used for messengers for when the radio is down. They can take groups of 12 and head out on missions.

Sergeants ``` - Squad Command they lead the Officers and Firemen.

Officers/Firemen ``- New recruits, lowest rank. They are basically scouts, but they also work on missions are crack downs.

Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

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