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Arkham Recruitment Office
Abbreviation: APFD-RO
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Poisson Open
Goals: To organize Arkham, Increase Membership, and to increase efficiency of department operations
Recruitment Policy: You're in the Right Place
Contact: Noun yet.

Welcome to the APFD Recruitment Office. Have some Droughts and Coffee wile you’re here. Or Cookies and Milk. Now If you join the APFD you well get to meet new people and help protect and serve the people of Arkham.


1. Health Insurance: The APFD is self insured reducing co-payments to $0.00. Our crack medical teams are available at most Arkham hospitals provide everything from simple first aid to surgery, with special training in trauma and infectious diseases.

2. Life Insurance: Dury Casualty and Life provides the best coverage in Malton, with over 10 representatives in Arkham alone, the APFD can now ensure a timely return to work for any officer in the field.

3. Our APFD most wanted list ‘’’(NOT YET UP)’’’ This list allows us to identify troublemakers such as PKers or GKers and quickly get the word out to our members faster than you can believe. Also, with our listed process for putting names and profiles on the list it almost ensures that you will not suffer from being put on a Bounty list if you follow the procedure carefully.

4. Communication: When Ready we will have an up to date Communication: system.

5. Advancement Opportunities: The APFD we always need new people to fill important positions in the department. Available positions, including, management positions, are listed Regardless of level or experience all candidates are considered for any application.

6. Finally: You also get discounts at most Arkham area merchants, including free doughnuts and half priced beer.

What More could you want? Join the APFD Today.

How to join

To join our little group you must sign your name under the Current members Part of the APFD Main Page . Then You have to have a journal box on your page. All Parts MUST be filled out.

Here’s a sample


After that we will check your profile, then your backround, if it checks your in!

Spared the word

We need more members, Talk to anyone you know looking for a group to join.

Rules of joining

As a APFD member you must fallow the falloeing rule

1. If you are killed get yourself to the closest revive point at once.

2. We do not use zombie Spy

3. We do not kill anyone who is not on the wanted list, or In the Enamy group section.

4. We don't attack poeple as zombies.

5. We do not invade other suburbs.

Failer to Fallow the rules will result in a discrage, and you name put on the wanted page.

Arkham Department of Police and Fire Emergency

APFD Main Page

APFD Offices: Comissioner's Office|Recruitment|Field Operations|Public Relations|Resource|Medical Services

APFD Police Departments: Large Row Police Department|McKay Lane Police Department

APFD Fire Departments: Newmarch Square Fire Station|Bendells Row Fire Station |Edbrook Walk Fire Station|Edgcumbe Drive Fire Station|Horton Square Fire Station|Woof Grove Fire Station|Cottingham Drive Fire Station|Small Street Fire Station|Comitty Row Fire Station

APFD Affiliates:

APFD Allies: Dunell Hills Police Department

Other: APFD/Arkham Most Wanted

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