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Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance Operative
Abbreviation: ATRO
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Mystery, darkness, and a plethora of unanswered questions have always shrouded the NecroTech Corporation. On the surface they were a research and development company with goals of expanding scientific study and understanding. However, what went on behind closed doors piqued a curiosity that resulted in the subsequent involvement of a Private Military Company colloquially known as the Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance Operative. Members of ATRO, otherwise referred to as Operators, have often received prior or additional training from various Special Forces contingents and or Intelligence Agencies from around the world. This alone has made ATRO one of the most sought after PMCs for high risk, high profiled assignments.

About a year before the outbreak occurred, an unnamed client representing an anonymous organization contacted ATRO Securities, the corporate office of the Company. The client expressed that his organization wished to enlist the services of ATRO to infiltrate and investigate the facilities and activities of the NecroTech Corporation. Additionally, the organization was willing to wire-transfer a fee of any amount that ATRO wished. A few weeks later, two highly trained Operators were dispatched to the city of Malton. For security purposes relating to their undercover status, all contact with the Operators were severed and all files relating to the Operators and their assignment were sealed.

Several months had passed before contact with the Operators was reestablished. While it had appeared that the Operators had succeeded in infiltrating the NecroTech Corporation, they had not yet gained access to certain basement level secured laboratories. However, they uncovered data logs, journals, and other classified materials which suggested volatile research in the fields of neurology and bio-engineering. Despite expressing severe concerns regarding the experiments being conducted in the NT laboratories, they kept to protocol and continued with their investigation.

A few hours before the outbreak, a coded emergency distress signal was picked up at ATRO Securities. Confirmed to have been sent by the undercover Operators, an ATRO company was mobilized and dispatched in two unmarked Blackhawk helicopters with orders for the immediate retrieval and extraction of all undercover personnel in the area. Since the two Operators were last known to be investigating two separate facilities, the helicopters made their way to two separate drop-off points.

At the first drop-off location, ATRO Operators roped in and proceeded to secure the area while the Blackhawk began a holding pattern awaiting further notice that target personnel had been acquired. That’s when all hell broke loose. The details are sketchy, but it entails 10 ATRO Operators encountering heavy resistance against hostiles who appeared to have a high affinity for gunshot wounds. Unknown to the Operators on the scene, the initial stages of the outbreak had already occurred before they had arrived. As a result, they encountered additional infected hostiles on the streets as they escaped the NT laboratory. The 9 Operators as the second drop-off site immediately proceeded to the first drop-off location to provide support and covering fire. As the fight for survival intensified, it became apparent that the Operators were outnumbered and ill-equipped to deal with a horde of the likes nobody has ever seen before. The Operators were ordered to fall back to a secured LZ for extraction. Nobody arrived and contact with the 19 ATRO Operators was lost. The Blackhawks left the city without the retrieval teams.

It is unknown how or why contact was lost, but the subsequent actions by the External Military to isolate and contain the city of Malton, including the jamming of local short-wave radio frequencies, would ultimately prevent ATRO survivors from contacting Headquarters, let alone the rest of the outside world. As far as ATRO Securities was concerned, the incident in question never happened and the 19 ATRO Operators plus the two undercover ones never existed.


As it is, ATRO Securities is unaware that a few members of the retrieval team managed to survive the incident. Therefore, there is no chance of a rescue operation. Additionally, the External Military doesn’t seem willing to allow anyone to leave the city, survivors included. It seems that Malton will be our home for a while. As such, we, the survivors of the initial incident, seek to re-form our ranks in hopes that one day, the outbreak may subside and we may also one day return home.

Excluding zombies and PKers, all else are welcome to join. For the time being, if you wish to join ATRO, just leave a message at the bottom under the topic "Contact" along with a link to your in-game profile.


  1. Engage and eliminate all hostile threats.
  2. Provide security where needed.
  3. Survive.

Unit Organization

Chain of Command

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