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Abbreviation: AVHS
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: User:Michaelbogardus
Goals: We help were we see fit, but answer to no man, or zombie
Recruitment Policy: This group is closed to all those who do not attend AVHS or live in the Windsor, Nova Scotia area
Contact: Knyfton_Row_Fire_Station. No radio channel as of yet.

For news and info, see the discussion page.


user:michaelbogardus He is the unofficial leader of AVHS, but doesn't expect to be treated so. As long as your active and cooperative, he is more then happy to have you here. He enjoys spending time cleaning the abundant supply of fire masks in the back room of their HQ, Knyfton_Row_Fire_Station.

Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
michaelbogardus has killed a lot of zombies.

"user:Mitch89" The first student at AVHS to survive the zombie outbreak. The crucial peices of his daring escape to Malton involved a tuba, a roll of toilet paper, and a large supply of beans. Magyver would be proud.

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