AZS Must Die

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Clock.png Past Event
This event is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to document its occurrence.
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AZS Must Die is a PKer Coalition to grief the everliving shit out of Anti-zombie squad.

AZS...pure gay.

The Event


Because we can. After the success of Imperium Must Die we have grown restless. Dawn Patrol were targeted because two members defected after they found out that the rest of the DP are closet pedophiles who would text rape. Dawn Patrol was subsequently destroyed into a million pieces like the Death Star. The AZS then came to their aid. They defend pedophile text rapists. We kill them.


Target is Anti-Zombie Squad and what is left of the Dawn Patrol. Maybe Knights Templar too.

No. Who's in it?


West Grayside


With guns


Now is good.


As before goals are not important but for all intents and purposes our goal is to make AZS quit. We'll do this by making their members leave the group and/or the game. Eric Bessette and Janus Abernathy must also announce that they eat cat poopy and enjoy it cause they like the smell of cat poop on their breath.

Also, grief them for the lulz.

Everything Else

Everyone is allowed to join. You must be willing to PK them. By doing so you are given immunity by DORIS unless you strike upon DORIS or an ally first. You will be given a DORIS sig. This grants you entrance to Pluto when you die...and you look friggin sweet.

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