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A really pissed off one (arPOO) is a group created by the user xaow. It got its name from the mob of people who would follow xaow from place to place and keep him alive so that he could heal others. When xaow was killed his heretofore unofficial group became, in his words, "a really pissed off one." This group ranges all over the city and kills zombies whether the members are alive or dead. arPOO broadcasts National Pissed-off Radio (NPR) on 28.30mHz. It is a combination arPOO chatter/survivor alert and entertainment station. Innaugural broadcast was at 1630 CST on January 29th, 2007.

A really pissed off one
Abbreviation: arPOO
Group Numbers: unknown
Leadership: xaow
Goals: bloodymindedness
Recruitment Policy: Find xaow or Michael Devongard or Cornilius


xaow (Founder)
Michael Devongard (Historian/NPR Operations Manager)
Cornileous (NPR Operator)


Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.



Sup Friends!, This is Cornileous Bringing ya the news This Broadcast is being brought to you by ArPOO AND NecroConnect forums Please visit them to coordinate all your survivor or player needs. But anyway tonight we are Pissed off because of the plight of our friends in the EGU, I mean What The Hell!, Grigg Hights is currently in Ghost town status, it shouldn't be this much trouble So If your looking for a cause...go help out! Laters!


This is Cornileus, Davongard is currently MIA, and Naristar is currently dead over in Pennville This really pisses me off!! will bring you more as things develope


Devongard is back in Dulston. Xaow is apparently dead. This pisses us off. Nari is apparently dead. This pisses us off. Cornelious is MIA. Devongard would like to thank the zombie that went to 3rd base with his shotgun.


Devongard has done something useful for the first time since maxing out his survivor skills. He has cleared, repaired, and barricaded Gwilliam Blvd Railway Station, and in a bit of trenchcoat satire, has attributed this to OPERATION BA. He feels good. Now all that's left is to wait for Nari to meet him at the agreed upon location.


Completed Logo (hehehehee) --So speaketh Xaow
And it is flippin' sweet. --So speaketh Devongard


Devongard is now in Free Zone East. He has killed many zombies.


Xaow revived Naristar today at 12:18 CST and is still looking for Devongard.

Devongard is somewhere in Wyke Hills. While rather hurt that Xaow didn't notice he was alive and well at Buckley Mall, he is pleased that Nari is back among the living.

Xaow did not see you. He is sorry

Hod-d-d-d-d-d-d-d, hod-d-d-d-d-d-d-d.


Cezare has been dealt with and will revive you after I get more AP so wait at the cemetery for me.


Devongard was PK'd by Cezare today. APB has been put out for the death of Cezare.


Devongard has made contact with Naristar, who is safe and sound in FZS.


Xaow is back and brought a gift with him. NPR can now go on the air!!


Xaow and Devongard have finally met up after a week of wandering around FZS. Also, FZS is short two zombies thanks to a few shotgun shells. arPOO's next priority is to secure some airtime on a radio transmitter in order to bring NPR to FZS. That, and make contact with Naristar, who wandered off in the confusion of a 931 strong horde of zombies being spotted in the middle of the Free Zone.


Ok Xaow is dead and was in a revive point in Buttonville and was killed by Kyle Kennedy so I am issuing a APB for the death of Kyle Kennedy. He is ignoring the pact and plus he angered xaow and now he must be destroyed


Devongard has found and broken into a Dagon's Lair shop in Buckley Mall. Free comics, RPGs, Cthulhu plushies, ramune soda and pocky for all! xaow plans to turn the ruins of the shop into a new shop called Misremembered Legends when the zombie scourge is finally beaten back into the bad sci-fi movie from whence they came.


Devongard has arrived in FZS.


Devongard has come and gone from Fort Creedy, finding it overrun by Zack and dying in the process. After a helpful revive, he has temporarily put aside his plans for a face to face meeting with representatives of the CDF and is back on the move south, hoping to meet up with xaow for the first time since arPOO's inception. Currently he is holed up in an undisclosed location far to the southwest of Fort Creedy.


Devongard can't find enough ammo for his 7 boomsticks. This pisses him off.

NPR went on the air today at 1630 CST. Devongard gave a short radio address from the Chaffey Alley PD in Heytown.
Devongard here with the innaugrual broadcast of NPR. Big shout out to all arPOO members currently tuned in. How ya'll doin'? Give zack hell out there, Godbless. Devongard out.

xaow lives once more.
xaow hates zombies wearing flak jackets because he has to waste more of his time to kill you Ha


xaow was killed today. arPOO is even more pissed off.