A ruined abbey (Borehamwood)

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A ruined abbey

East Borehamwood [581,64] - [582,65]

  580 581 582 583  
63 a field
a field
a field
a field
64 a field
a ruined abbey
a ruined abbey
a field
65 a field
a ruined abbey
a ruined abbey
a field
66 a field
a field
a field
a field
  580 581 582 583  

Ruined Abbey.png

Outside the ruined abbey, chunks of rubble surround the weathered stone walls;
inside, long grass reaches up to the roofless sky.

A ruined abbey


A ruined abbey is a unique 4 square large building and island found in the southeast corner of East Borehamwood. The ruined abbey is one of the location types unique to Borehamwood. It is also one of the locations in Borehamwood featured in Dead Set (the television series on which the Borehamwood map is based.) The ruined abbey has a set of behaviors unlike any other large building in the game:

  • It cannot be ransacked nor ruined. Attempting to do so gives the message "The abbey has already been ruined for hundreds of years." This does not waste an AP.
  • There is no option to repair the ruined abbey.
  • Like cathedrals and churches, the ruined abbey has no doors, and thus cannot be loosely barricaded with a length of pipe.
  • It can, however, be barricaded normally by a survivor with the construction skill. The ruined abbey is barricaded with: "a heavy stone," "some rubble," "a dead tree," "some planks," or "a tree branch."
  • It cannot be powered by a generator. Attempting to drop a generator inside the ruined abbey results in the message: "There is nothing to connect it to."
  • The only item to have been found inside is a crucifix.
  • Tagging the outside of the ruined abbey earns no XP.