Acid War Templars

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This group has been officially disbanded by its leader.

Acid War Templars
Acid war1.jpg
Abbreviation: AWT
Group Numbers: 10ish
Leadership: n dG
Goals: Bring Order From Chaos.
Recruitment Policy: None.
Contact: Website

Acid War

The Templars

They were dropped into Malton almost a year after the original outbreak. These gas masked survivors are highly organized, coordinated, and deadly. They are professionals at zombie extermination. Their mission is to sweep through the infested streets of Malton and neutralize the undead threat wherever it may lurk. They are the Acid War Templars and they aim to bring order from chaos.

The Crusader Squad

The Crusaders are among the acid_war elite. They are the Templar's mobile juggernaut unit. Through sheer brute force, they manage to rip through the ranks of the living dead with little opposition. They charge into each crusade with unquestioned dedication. They are dressed in the most epic gear and are ready for on-the-spot action.

Structure of the Acid War Templars

The Acid War Templars is a group that work to keep Malton in human hands. We are therefore not bound to any single suburb, although some of us view Roftwood as our spiritual home. The Templars currently consist of a single unit that uses highly coordinated strikes, tactics, and coordination. Though with time we hold hopes that the Templars will consist of several squads, spread over Malton to fight the undead threats, or together to face of with the hordes that plague the city from time to time. We believe strongly in working together with the various groups fighting against the undead menace over Malton. And pride ourselves in aiding our allies whenever they need us.

Sprays and Tags

acid_war zone. Identifies buildings or streets as under acid_war upkeep.

teh genetic, acid_war. The standard acid_war signature.


For older news, visit the Acid War Templars/History Archive


July 14: Templars reawaken in time to assist in rebuilding Roftwood after an infestation by the combined LUE and RRF forces.

July 18: Working along side the Roftwood Coordination Center, the AWT managed to successfully reclaim Roftwood.

July 22: The most current mission is to help the Uncanny Valley Alliance hold Roftwood's radio tower from a very coordinated and large number of zeds.

August 3: The Liberation of Herbert was successful.

August 10: The Shining Crest Mercenary Co. has merged with the Acid War Templars. This alliance truly makes the Templars a force to be reckoned with.

August 27: All Templars are to defend the SE corner of Hildebrand Mall.

October 17: All Templars are to help in the reconstruction of Roftwood for now.

November 1: Acid War officially dissolves. The former Templars have shifted their dedication entirely to the upkeep of the RCC, deeming themselves the RCC Board of Directors.


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