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Join Ackland Mall Security and help protect Ackland Mall and Havercroft from zombies and PKers, as well as monitor the local revive points and hospitals.

  • We are a confirmed human group with {{{1}}}+ members, and growing all the time.
  • All survivors are welcome to join, even low-level players.
  • Work with our base ops squad, our dedicated medic corps, or our elite strike team.
  • Fringe benefits include:
    • the respect and admiration of shoppers
    • a map to the sooper sekrit AMS safehouses
    • and oh yeah, did we mention golf carts?

For more information, see the Ackland Mall Security page and our forum.

Join AMS today!

  -- {{{2}}}


  • For timestamp with sig (don't use if you have a NOSUBST/SUBST sig template):
{{:Ackland Mall Security/Recruitment|current number of members|~~~~}}
  • For timestamp without sig:
{{:Ackland Mall Security/Recruitment|current number of members|~~~~~}}
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