Acreman Road Fire Station

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Acreman Road Fire Station
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Acreman Road Fire Station

Ridleybank [58, 43]

Priestley Grove Railway Station a warehouse Parfit Towers
the Kenworthy Building Acreman Road Fire Station the Gillman Museum
Glanvile Towers the Bagley Building Snook Towers

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.



A Fire station in the war-torn, zombie-ridden suburb of Ridleybank.


No history available at this time.

Barricade Policy

Cade levels should normally remain at VSB+2, but given that this suburb is home to the largest zambah group in UD history - The RRF, this is not always possible.

Current Status

Acreman Road Fire Station lost its barricades on the night of March 6, 2007 and is in jeopardy. Defend it.

UPDATE: 5/21/08

Firestation is in Survivor hands and barricaded to VSB. Running generator and usually manned by at least a handful of survivors. Has become an oasis to newcomers due to its VSB status. There are usually a few survivors there in need of healing.