Adney Auto Repair

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Adney Auto Repair
EHB and powered
Clayton Carmine (talk) 19:44, 10 January 2020 (UTC)
Adney Auto Repair

Darvall Heights [25, 29]

Perram Avenue School Mudford Plaza Sherman Road
Snygge Boulevard Adney Auto Repair a factory
a factory
(East Becktown)
Dewey Way
(East Becktown)
a carpark
(East Becktown)

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.


A worn out yet sturdy auto repair shop. Its walls are made of cement, in which deep cracks have formed. It has an old model fridge, still barely working. Everything inside is worn and dusty.


Adney Auto repair shop was first opened in 1987. Most of its history is unknown because its owner is now dead and much of the paperwork has been lost or destroyed. The repair shop now serves as a studio for R&S Radio on 28.01.

Barricade Policy

According to Darvall Heights Barricade Plan, barricades are to be kept at Very Strongly (VS+2) at all times. This building's purpose is to serve as an access point for all survivors, a safehouse for inexperienced survivors who do not possess the Free Running skill, and fuel depot. So survivors should always keep this in mind before trying to over-barricade.

Visitors are requested to never barricade beyond Very Strongly unless the building is currently under siege from 5 or more zombies. And after the danger has passed, the barricades should be taken down to normal.

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