Aequalitas per excidium

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Aequalitas per Excidium
Abbreviation: The Excidium
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Nhoj42
Goals: New Social Order
Recruitment Policy: Open

The Excidium

Aequalitas per Excidium is a pro survivor organization that hopes to be able to fix the society of Malton while it is cut off from the rest of the world in order to prove its ideal that people will be better off after society has been rebuilt without its fundamental flaws.

The Excidium Manifesto

Society as it stands is unjust, not only on the surface, but buried deep in its very foundation. It evolved to the state it is in today, not because of any conscious decision, or logical conclusion on how thing should be, but rather ended up as it is by default. A default arrived at through a process of corruption and desire for control. Because society is so fundamentally flawed, it can not simply be improved upon, we can not accept some things and reject others, or these things we accept will weaken our resolve to completely destroy the injustice. Therefore we must oppose all aspects of society. Any act of dissent, or protest is beneficial, because it pulls at some small part, however insignificant, of the overall superstructure, and if enough individuals pull hard enough at their tiny part, the entire structure must eventually collapse, and can be rebuilt completely anew from the ground up, with none of the compromised integrity of the dated, haphazard architecture of oppression.


The Excidium used the opportunity of the zombie crisis to build a new society and defeat the zombie menace.

Recruitment Policy

Anyone can join as long as they follow the rules of the excidium

Just contact a member of the leadership in or out of the game

and add The Excidium or Aequalitas per Excidium as your group

you may add yourself to the members list if you want as well






Killerwolfbot he hasnt been seen for awhile if he comes back well leave him alone until he does something to us again

5P1K3 KOS wanted for killing an Excidium member

Nayban KOS wanted for killing an Excidium member

He's dead jim KOS GKer


The Speak Motel (Dulston) is our current base


1. Must help any other excidium member with revives, healing, and defending safehouses.

2. Defend any Excidium safehouses

3. No PKing or any other antisurvivor activities

4. Must be human or trying to be revived

5. Help take revenge against anyone who kills an Excidium member or kills anyone inside an Excidium run building.

6. Report zombie activity to other members

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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