Aesthetic Judgment

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Aesthetic Judgment
Abbreviation: C.K. / The Descripts
Group Numbers: rising
Leadership: None; an anarchist organisation.
Goals: To cleanse Malton of the non-descript clones.
Recruitment Policy: Ready, aim, fire, and count yourself in.
Contact: Come visit us at the Havill Motel, or tune in on 26.38MHz


The one thing all the members of Aesthetic Judgment (aka: The Descripts / Clone Killers) agree on, is that while focusing on the threat of the undead, the people of Malton are blissfully unaware of another frightening phenomena: the faceless among us. Even though these non-describable clones may eat, shit, breathe and fight just like normal survivors at times, the danger they pose to wider human culture cannot be ignored.

Some amongst The Descripts think the alarming numbers of clones to be a direct consequence of an inhuman atmosphere of fear and decay in Malton. They believe that the clone epidemic is rooted in mass survivor trauma, a blind and swelling incapacity to differentiate between themselves and the walking dead. As existence becomes routine, mundane, ultra-violent and empty of meaning, the individual is erased, all sense of identity lost, until we all evolve down into something closer to mannequin than flesh. The syndrome has a snowball effect—clone numbers grow continually, and unless stopped now, this second plague will turn us all into one swarm of teeth, claws and bullets in the end, no matter on which side you may stand.

Other Descripts tend towards a theory that the clones may actually operate for some kind of a malignant hive-mind, which they're eventually trying to track down and eliminate.

Regardless, both schools of thought have now come to declare that talking about it only is no good, or at least not good enough. They've picked up their guns and turned them on the faceless, no matter what will be thought of them.


After studying the clones for some time now it has become obvious that some are only babyfaces, and will turn into respectably descript fellows in time —sometimes with a little tough love and encouragement. Therefore it is recommended to let clones of level 5 or below get away with just a warning. More experienced specimen are not tolerated.


Members of Aesthetic Judgment and other like-minded survivors are free to use the radio to discuss the ethics, the methodology and practical questions of cleansing the city of the clones on frequency 26.38MHz

On tour

The Havill Motel in East Boundwood was run on a voluntary basis by members of C.K. and used to serve as a studio in which to discuss and broadcast the policy and actions of the group. However, the posse has now decided to relocate. A tour around Malton - to spread the message and to find a new HQ has just begun. Feel free to join us!

SHEARBANK : Aesthetic Judgment is taking part in the spring cleaning of the Stickling Mall, taking out the non-descript garbage...




A hardcore cell of Descripts emerged late Winter 2009: K is for Komedy. A clown-masked elite with a fondness for fine Havana cigars, ʞomedians are more pro-actively murderous and violent than your standard Descript. They should be considered a separate force that shares common goals: that said, they retain loyalty to their original clan, and will work to eliminate anyone who defames, insults or injures any member of Aesthetic Judgment.

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