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  • *ATTENTION: The only users with permission to have an Aggro-infected character are Wolface, PFC, BGTB2005, and Officer Maddox.*



Aggro Vice, developed by Radonex R&D exclusivly for the U.S. Military, was a borderline successful project tested on hand picked Special Operations soldiers stationed at Fort Creedy. The drug was meant to enhance the awareness, durability, and combat effectivness of the subject, while eliminating the problem of them questioning their orders. The latter goal proved impossible, but the former turned out better than the initial predictions tenfold. Along with the targeted abilities, the subject's hearing, smell, and sight were improved drasticly, as did coordination, intelligence, and physical performance. The subject was also able to obtain a serious injury that would take weeks to heal, and be at optimal performance in a matter of minutes. The evidence of the would would be nearly gone within hours. The first, and only test, consisting of 327 Special Ops Personnel, concluded with a survival rate of less than 1% due to most of the subjects rejecting the genetic strains, and leading to a buildup of blood in their heart. The blockage built up pressure, and the subject's heart eventually exploded outward. Only three subjects survived the trial.

The surviving subjects are as follows:

[A picture of a tall, muscular, and grizzled man with short brown hair and blue eyes is paperclipped below]

1st Lieutenant Evan L. Moses, 29


Brown hair

Blue eyes

Moses, the only subject to possess the drugs full potential, is a Navy SEAL currently deployed in Malton's danger zones, ordered to hunt down reported LH (Live Hostile) threats. Moses blips on and off the radar, usually at supply stations and-

[The rest of the file appears to be missing. More will be added when the pages turn up.]

[A mug shot of a Japanese-American man with medium-length black hair is paperclipped to a heavily edited Tactical Solutions personnel file]

Kawamura, Sebastian


DOB: OCT 11 1981


Black hair (Natural color)

Brown eyes

TacSol Employee ID Number: 1477075


[Section blacked out]

Kawamura was not part of Aggro-Vice trials at Fort Creedy, but became infected after the death of one of the trial subjects in late 2007. Unable to transmit Aggro-Vice, and although immune to many of its effects, Kawamura receives some benefits from the drug, mostly physical.

[Section blacked out]

In late October 2008, Kawamura was deployed to East Boundwood to protect any surviving trial subjects, mainly-

[Section blacked out]

Following his actions in East Boundwood, Kawamura's employment with Tactical Solutions has been terminated. He is considered to be highly dangerous, possibly due to interactions with Aggro-Vice and his mental instability. Suspected mental illnesses include bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosis.

[Section blacked out]

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