Aleister Curton

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One of the oldest and wealthiest families in Malton, the Curton family made its fortune during the Industrial Revolution, providing iron and coal for virtually all of northern England.

Through the next several generations, the family grew, as did their wealth. The family also secured numerous plots of land in the city, leasing the land to various businesses and amassing political clout at the same time. Through two world wars and numerous businesses transactions, the Curton family has remained a fixture in Malton.

Aleister Curton - March 2005.

The most recent heir to the Curton fortune and occupant of Curton Mansion, Aleister Curton, was responsible for the construction and leasing of Caiger Mall, one of Malton’s most successful retail locations, as well as a member of the board of directors of NecroTech. Aleister was also rumored to have a personal interest in occult matters, having traveled the world extensively, visiting numerous locations of occult and esoteric significance.

When Malton closed its borders, sealing in the residents and dooming them to a hopeless fight against hordes of zombies, Aleister Curton sealed himself inside his mansion.