Alliance of the Dagger

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Please note that this alliance has fallen apart and the groups are now at war

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"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

The Passing of a Tribulation

Years ago an agreement was made to unite all groups of the same credence, to an 'umbrella' of unity.

Umbrella Corporation, for the future of its own prosperity and the liberation of Malton from the hordes of undead, did everything it could to set aside differences with other groups.

The Alliance of the Dagger lives on. Today Umbrella Corporation, in the true heart of this philosophy, is forgiving Haliman111 and recognizing his organization known as the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Services. Doing so will help ensure the survival of Malton and preserve this philosophy for years to come.

Operation: War Drums

With Santlerville and Shearbank both being back in survivor hands, it wouldn't be long before all of the northeastern suburbs of Malton would belong to humans again. Unfortunately, UBCS had other plans. The Alliance of the Dagger was drawn up before the Northeastern Crusade began. A temporary truce between both UBCS and Umbrella seemed like a good idea for everyone. With the murder of Skouth by an UBCS employee, war was on the horizon. The Alliance of the Dagger treaty broken, blood was about to be shed. On December 28, 2008, Operation War Drums was put into affect. The first reported kill came in on December 28th. From Shearbank to Santlerville and everything inbetween, a new battle was begining. Over the course of the next 10 days, many kills would be made in the name of Umbrella Corp. On January 3rd, members from the UBCS came to Umbrella Corp seeking negotiations of peace. A cease fire was later called on January 8th. Demands were simple, UBCS removes Umbrella from it's name, or the war shall continue. With word of the Mall Tour '09 being made, both Sticklings and Dowdney were now in danger. With the UBCS stalling negotiations at every possible turn, a poll was taken by the higher ups at Umbrella Corp. Blood is about to flow again.

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