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Our HQ is Kersley Mansion in Stanbury Village, but most of our members spend their time travelling.


Feel free to join us! Just put Allied Travellers Organisation in your groupname.

To travel, meet new people, do new things and go new places. Help our allies when they need us.

Just talk on our discussion page.

Vision by FATCHICK. Created by DanceDanceRevolution.


Hey, welcome to the page of the Allied Travellers Organisation, or the Traveller's Alliance, or ATO, or whatever you would like to call us. We are a survivor and zombie group. The members of our group have a common interest, to travel. Our group is all about our love of travelling, and that love must be freely exhibited. We encourage and embrace that. With or without clothes.

Our HQ is Kersley Mansion in Stanbury Village- Everyone is welcome to come and visit us, there will always be a few ATO members around Stanbury at any one time.

Our TinyURL is:

What we do

While we are usually out travelling on our own, going new places, meeting new people and doing new things, we will help in sieges and battles if called to do so. If you need help, just leave a message on our discussion page, there'll always be a good amount of battlers in the ATO nearby your suburb to help.

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Our Goals

Group based

The Allied Travellers Organisation Suburb Log Page

As travelling can eventually be lacking in reaching long term goals, we have an exciting and useful long term project in the ATO. We plan to extensively log every suburb from a traveller's point of view, with happenings, behaviours, personalities and certain patterns that are extensive in that suburb. This will be public and will be used as a referential database for people, member or not, who want to know what a suburb is like.

The 2008 Manhunt.

All ATO members are encouraged to join the leading members of the ATO into battle for honour, respect, and to fight for the group that they love. Take up arms for the ATO in this year's Manhunt!

Update: The ATO have won the 2008 Manhunt! Congratulations and thanks to all who signed up and fought for the glory of the group!

Individual Based

As a more individual approach to the above goal, a few members have logged their own journeys, along with many more members who plan to do such things.

Guy The Firefighter is currently going on a border marathon of Malton, where he kills one zombie in each suburb and then travels on. He is currently about half way, after starting in New Arkham. Guy welcomes anyone to join him on his travels. Many other members like to draw us logos and other positive art. Thank you to Lewin for doing this lovely ATO logo for us.


We happily and proudly give out medals to the survivors and groups that help the ATO's cause in many occasions or circumstances. There are 5 levels of medals, each one is more distinguished as they go from 5 to 1. Sustained effort with the ATO will eventually get your ultimate respect, admiration, and a 1st Grade Medal of Appreciation. These medals are the highest appreciation we give to our fellow survivors.


We have met many great groups on our travels. These are some of our official allies that we are proud to be associated with.


We are happy to have as many members as possible. If you like travelling, just stick Allied Travellers Organisation in your group name. You won't be told to do anything, and you can contribute as much as you want to our travelling and logging cause.

Technically, we are a pro-survivor group, however, if you are a travelling zombie, feel free to stick us in your group name and break barricades in the name of the ATO. We will bless you just as much as your survivor counterparts.

ATO Radio!

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.77 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Kersley Mansion, in Stanbury Village

The Allied Travellers Organisation recently opened up a Radio Channel for the broadcasting of 'the latest and greatest places and events to experience'. The channel is 27.77 (which you must admit, is easy to remember) and will be open for survivors to exchange information about the latest travelling hotspots, as well as places you shouldn't go to. All travellers are invited to tune in and listen to the news!

Other Notes


Thanks to Hel's Daughters, whom this group page style was stolen off.


All members are free to put up templates as a tribute to the places/people you have travelled around.

DDR.JPG Club Safety!
This user/group believes in the safety of clubs for the dancing recreation of Malton survivors. Keep the clubs safe & clean!
DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
the ATO is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.
I'm Raving, I'm Raving... Night Ravers
Allied Travellers Organisation is dedicated to Raving in the clubs of Malton
BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
The Allied Travellers Organisation is an ally of the DEM
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