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Like Travelling?

Like Logging your Travels?

The Allied Travellers Organisation are a group who promote the freedom of travelling around Malton, to meet people, go places and do things you wouldn't do when stationed with any other group. Founded by DanceDanceRevolution, the group promotes either solitary exploring or group venturing.

The Allied Travellers Organisation:

  • Welcome all participants who want to join the ATO.
  • Participate in sieges and battles.

3. Encourage freedom and discovery through venturing and exploring.

4. Log our individual travels for the benefit of other members as well as the public.

5. Have long term goals- including the public logging of all suburbs of Malton.

Members can do as much or as little for the group as they want. Though we have a healthy dose of survivors and zombies, we are technically a pro-survivor group.We don't like PKers doing their magic under our name either, so pro-survivors or zombies only.

To join the group, just put Allied Travellers Organisation under your group name. If you want to be more involved, tell us on the Allied Travellers Organisation wiki. We would love to have you on board.

Go Team Venture!

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