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Allies Of The Truth are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on {{{1}}} Not Inactive?

The Allies Of The Truth are a recently formed recruiting group who "abide by a dark code." They have one member, Doc Rupert, who inherited the position from their former leader, JudgeFrollomeister. They are a gang of anarchists dedicated to ensuring Malton's people remain unorganized. They are one of the most morally incorrect groups in the game, allowing anybody into their ranks, including text rapists. They do, however, have a minor code when it comes to violence, and do not allow Revive Point PKs, PKing your own race without good reason, or any form of assault on their leader.

The Allies Of The Truth and Beliefs

The Allies Of The Truth are known for accepting members no matter whether they are living or dead, and have no moral or religious restrictions to who is permitted in their ranks. They also lean on an anarchist morality, disliking any form of organized government whatsoever. They are entirely amoral, with the exception of the aforementioned rules. They are also against zombies, which they call sordem, the Latin word for filth. They, however, do accept undead members, excepting those with brain rot, who they believe to be irredeemable.

Their beliefs are also quite inconsistent. They claim to be against organization, but are actually an organization themselves. Despite carrying a large ego, they are nothing more than petty muggers. They also have an inconsistent hierarchy, with players being promoted by killing those in a higher rank than them, with the exception of the leader, who does not tolerate attempts on his life.

The Allies Of The Truth and Peace

Despite being muggers, the Allies Of The Truth are surprisingly peaceful. While their amoral deeds lead many to believe that they are simple thugs, they have a very educated leader in Doc Rupert, who is a doctor, who claims that he has taken the Hippocratic Oath, and never kills humans, and tries to avoid killing zombies. They also "remove" (Execute or abandon) members who PK without good motive.

The group is entirely gone now.

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