Alner Reading Group

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Alner Reading Group
Abbreviation: ARG
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: none
Goals: Scientific work in Wyke Hills; providing assistance and information for survivors in need
Recruitment Policy: Everyone who can read, or is willing to learn to do so, is welcome to join.
Contact: forum
Radiotransmission.gif Short-wave Radio Info
This group has a dedicated radio frequency

Frequency: 26.76 MHz
Transmitter status: active


Founded by Felicity in early 2006, this group have been resident in Wyke Hills for long enough now that their numbers are gradually rising. Felicity herself, however, does not lead the group any more. Rosalina has become the self-appointed Leader of the Alner Reading Group, temporarily in order to keep up the revival services. She will remain in the general vicinity even facing death.


Members of the Alner Reading Group will:

  • keep the library well maintained
This includes keeping a radio and generator active, and keeping the noticeboard up to date
  • provide revives at the Craddock Road site for those who need them (with priority given to ARG members)
treating infection before revivification is strongly advised.
  • welcome newcomers, and provide aid or information where needed
communication between members is important. A radio receiver is a must; a cellphone is desirable.
the noticeboard in the library is a source of information on the local area. It should be referred to when visitors ask for directions.
  • maintain the barricades in the surrounding area
members are urged to invest in a crowbar. If you're nimble fingered, then a sturdy knife will also prove useful for removing obstructions. The library itself should never be barricaded past Very Strongly.

How do I join?

If you're going to be spending any time in or near the library then you're encouraged to join the forum for the ARG. Established friends, or those who choose to become members, will have access to private information there. Joining up is easy - see the forum for details!